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    Fs: 2 Keith Josey shafts - Timeless Timber and standard

    Very interested in shafts Ron call me 916-248-3189
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    11 Predator shafts for sale..............

    interested do you have the radial? send me pics 916-248-3189 thanks ron
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    FS: Shafts for sale

    is the 12.5mm radial available? interested im me at 916-248-3189 ron
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    Josey sneaky Pete

    please call me i want to buy the sneaky w/ shafts. ron 916-248-3189 thank you
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    5 josey cues

    Interested in sneaky pete plain please call me leave message and contact info, thanks ron 916-248-3189
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    Reeves cue question

    How's the hit on a Reeves cue; Anyone How do Reeves cues hit, quality of materials, thanks