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    Tip Contact Location Difference between 9-Ball and 14.1

    No shortage of uses for the Digiball. It will be interesting to run a rack of 9-ball, calling the tip position before each shot, and then after the run, check the app to see how well you did. I agree that this is a significant advance. You might also think about making one in a snooker ball...
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    Tip Contact Location Difference between 9-Ball and 14.1

    Chris Henry is a sports coach and developed these for snooker, but then produced a set for pool. These weigh about 12% of the normal weight and have slightly thicker plastic on one spot. You put it on the table, and it will settle with the thicker spot down. Then you try and shoot it into a...
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    Best Shot to Gauge Skill

    Barry Stark mentions watching Ding do that ten times in a row, but with his eyes open, and with both hands.
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    STROKE TIMING … A Complete MythBusting Study of Stroke Acceleration Effects

    Yeah, i agree it's not a best practice, but whether to look at CB or OB last seems less important than the other parts of the shot. By the time you're pulling the trigger, all that aiming stuff should be over with. Now it comes down to your stroke. Your not steering your hand to the aiming...
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    STROKE TIMING … A Complete MythBusting Study of Stroke Acceleration Effects

    You need your eyes to line up the stroke for sure. But after that, and as far as aiming goes, I don't think it matters a lot if you find it easier to focus on the CB or the OB. Some people (like me) find it easier to focus on the CB for shots off the cushion, but I'd normally focus on the OB...
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    STROKE TIMING … A Complete MythBusting Study of Stroke Acceleration Effects

    Does it really matter that much? I have played eight ball where, after lining up for the shot, all the players closed their eyes for the stroke. I've also made shots and realized afterwards that during the stroke my eyes weren't really focused on anything specific.
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    Elbow drop or pendulum stroke

    It helped me when a coach said to just keep your shoulder stationary during the stroke.
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    US Open 9-Ball, 2023, Atlantic City, Sep 25-30

    Bob, I've wondered about chess clocks. Where you've used them, are there instances of Player1 getting short-on-time, and Player2 playing safeties when they don't have to, or otherwise adding more time pressure to the Player1?
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    Pool room app

    I've done simple data projects for others using Google Sheets and Google Docs as the zero cost storage, with an Android and Windows app to read/update. It's a low cost solution that doesn't cost a lot to develop.
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    DigiBall accuracy

    My Digicue worked fine, and did what it said it would do. Looking forward to getting a Digiball.
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    Dan Harriman's Cue Sports Prep Academy

    You keep spelling that wrong. A common problem when you use terms you're really not familiar with.
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    Pool Movies--let's get some ratings

    In TCOM, "Vincent" was a role played by an actor. Tom Cruise played the role the way the director wanted it played. He was supposed to be a 'flake', and he played it convincingly. (Very similar to some of the 'flakes' i see at the pool hall every week.) Fast Eddy made it clear that he only...
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    The first pool AI

    Where's the more academic post you promised?
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    20.1 (14.1 practice game)

    There's also 44.1 where there's 15 balls racked on the foot spot, head spot, and also in the centre. Not to mention 5.1 where there's six balls racked on the foot spot. I've even seen 2.1 with three balls racked on the foot spot. Big money game sometimes.
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    Fargo rating

    I'm not sure. Judd Trump is a great shooter, and did a credible job playing 9-ball, but wasn't anywhere near his capabilities in snooker. In the same way Corey Deuell or Alex Pagulayan didn't perform to scale when they tried Q-school in snooker. Thinking about these three players where we...
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    The first pool AI

    Exactly this. With good imagery, to scan a table and fix a position for each ball isn't difficult. To determine makeable shots isn't difficult. To pick the easiest shot isn't difficult. Picking which of the makeable shots is best for position on the next two balls starts to get complicated...
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    Will Fargo update there app new features?

    I second the idea of a time-series graph of a player's rating, say one point at the first of the month over two years. It would be nice to see if players are getting stronger.
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    Do you know of players who had such Natural Talent, that they could have been a World Champion?

    I always thought the whole point of drills is to practice normal playing situations in a structured way. What drills are you thinking of?
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    Judd and Ronnie

    See ENIAC, MANIAC, IBM 601, 602, 701. CDC 6600. They were doing calculations for thermonuclear weapon design among other major problems of the day.