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    Alex dogged it….at the airport

    They aren't "expected" to pay half. In a calcutta auction, the player typically has the right to buy half of their action from the winning bidder. The player may even have their own backer to buy that half if they were purchased by some other bidder in the auction.
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    What is the table you're referring to? Thanks.

    What is the table you're referring to? Thanks.
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    What is the most consecutive racks of 9 ball ever run?

    Is that the odds of him doing that on a single given attempt?
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    Emily interview: new US events coming?

    I'm admittedly unfamiliar with how qualifiers work in these other situations and there could be management issues. However, it seems that having a good number of qualifiers would also tend to increase subsequent viewership of the main events quite a bit. It would create more buy-in and interest...
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    Gorst returns to international play

    I believe I read that is with the intention of subsequently applying for U.S. citizenship. That's what my comment was based upon.
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    Gorst returns to international play

    Did any of them apply to become citizens? I may be misinterpreting this but my understanding is that is what Fedor is doing. If so, I would assume that once he became a citizen he'd be eligible to play for Team USA.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    If you ever do, you'll know it!
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    Two unrelated one pocket questions

    1. Cue ball is frozen to an object ball. Shooter claims they shot in the direction of the object ball but agrees the object ball did not move or show any signs of contact. No other ball is contacted by the cue ball. Foul? 2. Breaker makes a single ball in opponent's pocket. Is that commonly a...
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    Cue Tip Contact Myth-Busting Truths in Super Slow Motion

    One thought on this that is not directly on point, but has occurred to me as a soft tip user: if a soft tip requires more cue speed, and cuing accuracy must have some kind of decline at higher speeds (assumption), does that mean switching to a hard tip could lead to more consistent cue delivery...
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    Cue Tip Contact Myth-Busting Truths in Super Slow Motion

    I've also seen firsthand that when earthquakes are happening in San Francisco, you get better spin on the cue ball in New York. But only with a soft tip. How can you dispute this? Prove I'm wrong!
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    Pool Halls on Maui and the Big Island

    Yeah, not going to Maui for the pool! One night we're there I wanted to let the kids and their spouses have a little date night alone time, which will leave me on my own for the night. I always like to see what the local pool places look like when I travel. Won't be on Oahu this time.
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    Pool Halls on Maui and the Big Island

    Will be on Maui and the big island over the next 10 days. Where is a pool hall or someplace with decent tables? Maybe even semi-cheap action? Thanks!
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    Bring Back Flo-Charts

    Agree bro. Now when is Midwest 9 Ball coming back? Please???
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    Oscar vs. Schmidt 10 ahead one pocket, streaming

    The announcers said from the beginning that the players would prorate the games after two days, and/or decide what to do about the third day. This was known all along. Either way, it was a great matchup to watch. The important point is, the five ball is f###ing orange!!!
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    Matchroom Pool will have 30 ranking events in 2023

    I think more important than whether specific added events draw the players out of the woodwork is the impression Matchroom is creating by forming these partnerships and adding new events that this a big formal tour that fits together and logically progresses to major events. That is what will...
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    Fedor G. drill..............

    Nice to see Fedor sharing and promoting himself. In addition to being a phenomenal talent, he's just a guy you root for.
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    SVB vs Chohan 1P

    Agree. I watch one pocket on PoolActionTV and it's much more reasonably priced. I've never watched these guys for that reason. Their price will have to come down before I'll get on board. It would take better pricing and/or a package deal that covers multiple events at a substantially lower cost.
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    Earl for next MC Captain............................

    I assume you're jesting. Earl needs five babysitters to make it through two racks. Sadly, if you gave that guy a lobotomy, he might be the best player on the planet. I love Earl. I really do. But, NO. Never again please!
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    one pocket rule question

    He's in Canada. They still have more frozen balls there, eh.
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    Mosconi Cup online sports book betting odds.

    Are there online sports books that are legal for betting throughout the U.S.? Or, just those states that have approved sports book betting? How does one bet on this if you're in a state that hasn't? Also, are any of the Vegas sports books taking this action?