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    Pool Hustlers, Tell us the Truth

    I left a well paying job and moved to a big city to play pool for money. I have a part-time job. I either go to pool halls and start practicing until someone wants to play, or I travel to tournaments, don't compete and play after-hours. Occasionally line up money games via room owners. I...
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    Win yourself one of my great hitting cues

    When I first discovered pool I went to a Viking tour stop at Northfield Billiards in Ohio, a big, smoky place next to a race track, full of characters and action. Every big name player was in action throughout the weekend, but two unknowns from the Midwest were making a killing even with the...
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    Pros: Please answer this:

    Many of the finest players in the world have been playing since a young age and have made stroke quirks work for them because they are able to execute them consistently. The players you are seeing are not great because of their long strokes, but because they are so familiar with them. Some...
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    I met an "instructer" LOL

    I don't doubt that you are over 70 and enjoy giving people crap while they play pool! :D
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    Ohio pool rooms?

    Continuous Play Billiards in Parma, Ohio. Prepare to be schooled in one-pocket, and they have 3-cushion tables with a renowned former champion known to play.
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    Cueball position?

    I find that most people can predict the trajectory of the cueball with reasonable accuracy even without many years of practice. I've had opponents unfamiliar with kicking try a few 2- and 3-railers after seeing me do them succesfully, once they realize they have some intuitive understanding of...
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    Why people leave the forum.....

    I left because I stopped learning things. At the start of my pool playing days I would pick up helpful hints here and there. Now? Not so much. Don't need the forum for social life, so if I'm not learning things, I'm not around. I do visit on and off for nostalgia, but it is always more...
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    How to adjust to new and different tables

    I like to shoot the 5 railer as well as the three to look at speed and accuracy. The varying height of tables takes me more to get accustomed to than the speed, since it requires changes in my technique. In general the lower the table, the more sideways my stance is, and the higher it is the...
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    Leonardo Andam- R.I.P
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    Is the Game of Pool Geometrically Correct and/or Complete?

    You and I are entities of the quantum cycle. Consciousness consists of pulses of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a maturing of the ethereal. Awareness is the driver of coherence. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the galaxy via sub-atomic particles. This myth never ends. We...
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    Deuel draw shot 2003 Mosconi cup

    Cross bank the two lightly with lots of right spin, leaving the two on the middle diamond of the head rail, bring the cueball 3 rails to the bottom rail hopefully leaving the 8,9 and 5 between the cb and the 2.
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    Deuel draw shot 2003 Mosconi cup

    Been looking for this shot for awhile and just found the video uploaded. Deuel pushes to straight-in on the 2, draws it table length from being frozen on the head rail!
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    Ebay TAD WOW!!!

    Thanks for sharing, awesome bass. I just dropped 4k on a Sadowsky and I'm not sure if I'm satisfied. I'll trade for yours!
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    Ebay TAD WOW!!!

    Bass Man is that a Carl THompson in your avatar?
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    Do you have a mutt?

    I have a bright pink My Little Pony cue that has LED's in the butt that light up whenever I stroke. It is totally low key and brings all the suckers right over.
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    State Your Weakness Here . . .

    I have a weakness for female pool instructors, they make me hot and sweaty. I
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    Miss by a diamond, not just an exageration anymore

    Looks like a no-go for the ghost boob aiming system :frown:
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    pool room closed - looking for alternatives- Boston MA

    Nothing that close anymore. It does hurt to see all the rooms closing down! Billiards Cafe in Ayer: Mazin Shooni's new place in Malden is very nice: World Class Billiards in Peabody...
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    Message from JOHNNY ARCHER

    Hi Johnny, I was at the Viking tour championships in Northfield Billiards in Ohio about 10 years ago when you were in the finals against Mike Davis. I had just gotten into pool and was there with a girl and another friend that were not serious players. Larry Nevel played Mike Davis the match...