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    Nick Varner

    Okay, I just thought I've throw in my 2 cents about Nick Varner. If I'm not mistaken, he once went to the Philppines and beat Efren in some head to head match. When Efren was asked why he couldn't beat Nick, he said, "He never missed." LOL Also, I remember him showing up at Executive...
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    They do have a 24 minute highlight video of the Finals....
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    SVB and Dennis score.

    Deja Vu? This kind of comeback reminds me of the Color of Money match between Efren and Earl...........
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    Vincent Lauria

    Not sure about that Unless I'm mistaken, I thought Vincent let on at the end that he let Eddie beat him in the tournament for the big action in the Green Room afterwards? Seems like that got Eddie kinda pissed and that led to playing a gambling game with Vincent to end the movie?
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    47th Annual TX Open-Strong Field. Who do you guys like ?

    the Freezer Why is Scott Frost not in the One Pocket Tournament?
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    Sands Regency Tournament In Reno

    I agree The Sands tournament was something I looked forward to every year; it happened twice a year so it was doubly good......My own reminiscences: It was the first time I ever saw Earl play...his style seemed so smooth and natural; I made a mental note to watch his matches every chance I...
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    Deep Knowledge

    Secrets I guess many people have wondered (myself included) if there were "secrets" in playing pool that only some top level players knew but would never tell....I believe there are, but maybe nothing so profound as to suddenly make you into a great player. I took a lesson from a pro once...
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    Is California Billiards closing for good?

    Um.... The thread title asks: Is California Billiards closing for good? Inside the thread asks: Does anyone KNOW if Cal. Billiards is ever RE-OPENING? My question is which are you answering "no" to.........? a) Is C.B. closing for good? b) Is C.B. ever re-opening? 3) Do you know?
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    The Miz vs. Toby Sweet.....................

    Sweet Strokes Only one of them was named Sweet, but both of their strokes were Sweet. If anybody ever wanted to know what the meaning of "stroke" was in pool, they should watch this video......
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    CJ Wiley - Got to meet and play a few racks

    Thanks PoolFan101 Thanks for that testament to C.J.'s character; Although I have never met him, I gathered as much from his style and demeanor in his videos and his articulation in his postings and stories. A "class guy" is an apt description, in my opinion. As for his shooting ability...
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    Is there a vid of Nick beating Efren in the Philippines?

    Nick is one of the Greats as well as being a nice guy I remember when asked why he lost (in an interview?), Efren said, " He never missed"......
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    Traveling with Zen Master and Pool Hustler Extraordinaire, Dalton Leong

    Thanks Thanks for the stories about Dalton. He was from San Francisco where he was thought of as the best Chinese player in the City. I didn't know how good he really was until I read your stories about him. The #2 of things he told you, seems similar to what Kareem Abdul Jabbar said was one...
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    Sigel and $$

    Ipt I kinda agree with you; it's probably an ego problem, but some pool players do owe him some gratitude, if: If it's true that he influenced Kevin Trudeau to start the IPT. I know, many will say it was a big scam; but it did bring more money to some players than ever before; I...
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    Thoughts and ideas? Planning on opening a pool office.

    my $.02 I don't have any experience in business enterprise, but I do have a couple of thoughts and you can take it with however many grains of salt...... 1) If you are the sole proprietor, won't you need some kind of insurance? Some kind of liability or damage insurance, I'm thinking...
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    CJ Wiley presents Mental Game Secrets to Getting in the ZONE

    Thanks CJ Like many others, glad to see you back at AZB..... I too enjoyed your road stories and adventures...... I especially enjoyed your story about Dalton, because I grew up in San Francisco and knew of him before he went on the road... Most of all, I appreciate your philosophical...
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    Free pool/billiard library online

    nice Thank you sir ...... I checked out the Kid Delicious book and will read it..... Wish they had Rags to Rifleman
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    Did Nick Varner gamble.

    Nice guy too I especially liked the story about him going to the Phillippines and beating Efren.....When asked why he didn't do so well against Nick, Efren said, "He never missed..." LOL
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    Joe Salazar,the pool player

    Nice story Thanks for sharing too; nice to hear of a road player who had integrity....also glad to hear he is doing well too........
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    The mental game, US Navy Seals

    Earl seemed to know Some years ago, I watched a video of Earl deliberately stepping back, taking a few deep breaths, before shooting a tough table-length shot; IIRC, the cue ball was near one corner pocket and it was basically a straight shot with the object ball a little past the middle of...
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    THE GREAT UNKNOWN - pool documentary

    Awesome That clapping push up challenge had to be one of the greatest hustles I've ever seen.....I can imagine Mika's face dropping when Cleary reached 10; that's when he must've known he'd been HAD...