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  1. dougdpictures

    Denver pool scene is awesome

    Cool. Where is your favorite hall?
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    Could you do this? Later in the match there is a funny announcement
  3. dougdpictures

    Holiday Giveaway from OTRTV - Free Prizes for 3 Winners

    Cool, thanks! Those Power One Pocket DVDs look pretty sweet. Thought of the day. Playing short rack Bank Pool has made me better at 9 Ball.
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    Pechauer 8" Extension Kit w/Free Shipping

    I have one of these. Great product. Bought it right from Joe at the expo and he said every component is made in house. 100% made in USA.
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    Blatt BIlliards Table made of Marble

    Their factory is near NYC in Wood-Ridge, NJ. I've seen the white marble table in their Manhattan store on W38th st. It's a nice looking 7 footer. I did not shoot on it. They sometime post pictures from inside the factory on their Instagram @blattbilliards
  6. dougdpictures

    Tiger cues package deal !!!

    Nice set up!
  7. dougdpictures

    Rasson vs. Diamond tables?

    I played on the one that was at Steinway for the World 14.1 Tournament the day after the event concluded. And a day later it was gone. I can say the pockets are not like the GC. And not like Diamond as I'm used to but little of my time is on newer Diamond tables. I'd describe the Rasson...
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    How to pass time waiting for next match in tournament?

    Remember to eat food. Wash my hands. Keep my mind on things related to my shooting. Step outside for fresh air. Watching other matches is good too for a few min.
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    Steinway Classic Brackets???

    Winner side has Van Boening v Appleton tomorrow and Wei Chien v Billy Thorpe on one loss side to name a couple.
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    2016 US Open 9 ball/ 9ft (16-22 Oct2016) Norfolk, Virginia (Winner $50K)

    Thanks for the play by play. Keep it coming 👍
  11. dougdpictures

    Ike runnels vs Michael Perron jr

    Can someone clue me into the basic details please? What game are they playing?
  12. dougdpictures

    At what point is a celbration of a pool win out of line in your opinion?

    APA been doing it since day one.
  13. dougdpictures

    !!Contest - Pick 2016 US Open Winner!!

    Orcollo 13-11
  14. dougdpictures

    Cue Ball Behind Head String

    Agreed. I don't own a table so I play in halls and I like the ones with the lines drawn much better.
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    Handicapping tournaments with Fargo Ratings

    Yes that's my same situation. I'm in the system, have a 0 Robustness. I've asked around but for me in NYC there seems to be no way, or no easy way to improve this. So for me, like it was said before.. FargoRate is fun for looking up pros.
  16. dougdpictures

    A game I'd like to see the pros play

    Bank One 8 Ball is good. It was among a list of games and variations an old buddy and I played on his home table. Another funny one, Hot 8. It's a mix of 8 Ball and 9 Ball sort of. Play with the 1,2,3,4,8,9,10,11,and 12 ball. Open break, pick solids or stripes, shoot your group in rotation. 8...
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    Free Live Stream OCT. 1st - 2nd NAPL Playoffs

    I was wondering.. good to know the link. I'm playing in it!
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    14.1 Stats -- 2016 World Tournament, Double- and Single-Elim. Matches, Sept. 2016

    Wow do i see this correct? Tomorrow is Strickland Vs. Immonen in the Final?
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    The World 14.1 Tournament PPV Sept. 5th - 11th

    i skipped going tonight. those two against each other.. tell us more. edit. i found the thread... Jayson Shaw victim or defeated foe
  20. dougdpictures

    14.1 Stats -- 2016 World Tournament, Round-Robin Matches, Sept. 2016

    I was there late on Tues. and watched some but these stats are cool. Thanks you.