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    Ivor-X Ferrules

    I sent a PM about 3 weeks ago - no problem. If you get some in a month or so, I would be interested in about 100 of them.
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    Ivor-X Ferrules

    Does anyone know where I can buy Ivory-x Ferrules? I used to buy them from JoeyInCali, but he is not responding. Any help would be appreciated. Greg
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    Titlist conversions-PFD and Rauenzahn

    I saw these cues and they are in excellent condition and the price is very good. The seller is great to deal with. :thumbup: :thumbup:
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    For sale Ivor-X ferrules

    Joey, Left you a private message on a purchase. Greg
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    Parting Tool Blades

    Carbide Saw Purchase KJ, Just sent you a Private Message. Please review and advise. Thanks Greg
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    Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

    Here are a couple of cues that were recently completed. Greg
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    tap for Uniloc

    There is nothing special about a 7/16x20 tap. You can pick one up at MSC for about $10 each.
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    Nickel/Silver Rings

    Hi Everyone! I am new to this forum and am the owner of Greg's Kues - my name is Greg Kucharski. In my experience with metal cutting of any kind a sharp radius tool will do a better job than a sharp pointed tool. I would suggest using the sharp radius tool on the Nickel Silver rings...