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    Jose Garcia

    I stream a weekly chip tournament every Friday at Jose's place in Vineland, NJ, and play in a BCA league there on Wednesday nights. He is every bit the person everyone here says. He's helpful, friendly and has a great sense of humor. As for the hall, it's well-maintained, looks great, and...
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    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    This is my basement man cave. 3 months of building from 4pm till around midnight. I had help hanging the full drywall sheets, and a couple hours of help with the painting. The fridge in the picture has been ugraded. There are about 8 brands of beer, 6 types of soda, and a multitude of snacks...
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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Long time lurker that finally signed up for an account. Glad to be here! I've flirted with pool my entire life. Growing up, my uncle had a table. In grade school my father had one in the house. It wasn't until around 2001 when some friends needed someone for a team that I started to play...