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    Brunswick Medalist Retrofit/Restoration

    I have in an early 80s medalist. Missing cross members (1"x4"x14" roughly) The rails are in rough shape, but repairable. But, I also have brand new Olhausen Champ Pro Rails. Would these be compatible?
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    Olhausen video?

    Thanks for your view, that makes me more relaxed about it. It's alot to spend on a table, so making sure it's going to be okay.
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    Olhausen video?

    The table is supposed to arrive in about 1 month. I'm concerned about the pockets. I'm wondering if I have time to correct it at the factory, by indicating my desire to customize it or modify. Or cancel the order. I've read all that, and more. One thing that is lacking, is video evidence of...
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    Olhausen video?

    Can someone who has an olhausen Grand champion II, 2021 or recent model, post or link a video of the alleged rattle? I have seen posts, but no search reveals video proof of the 'phenomenom'