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    Looking for leagues in other countries

    Looking to relocate. Anybody know what the competitive options are for a mid-level player looking for a league in Panama or Costa Rica?
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    Where to start with kick shots?

    watch the Here After Media video on kicking. This weird system works
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    Stroke limit/skill apex

    I have watched videos and watched tons of pro matches and learned tons about the "ART" of pool. Although my mental game was a 6/7, I knew something was missing in my mechanics. One lesson with somebody who knows what he's talking about and I'm ready to jump up from a 3[APA] and a 4 [UPA] to a...
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    Costa Rica pool leagues

    My wife wants us to retire to Costa Rica. My primary interest is playing pool. Any one know of any leagues there?
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    USA vs Russia 9 Ball Money Match

    take Fedor and bet the farm
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    First Cue Help $100-$200

    Most cues are similar. Price is usually determined with the details of the butt. Go somewhere that will allow you to try out what they have and find what's right for you. If it's a decent price get it. If not shop it on line
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    Shaft Question - how to make slick and remove dry wood feel

    I put together polishing clothes ranging from1800 to 6000 grit. Works great. My cue maker likes to finish his shafts with bees wax
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    you pay your money and take your chances. 1/3 of Americans will believe anything.
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    Now Available ALL NEW...Kamikaze ELITE Layered Cue Tips

    Hector at Otanisan Cues installed a new medium on the custom cue he made me. The cue ball reacts like crazy. Draw is phenomenal and forward roll takes some getting used to. Wow!!!
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    Best balls under $100

    Saw a thing in one of the AZ forums you emailed me but can't find it. A lot of readers mentioned something in the $50-$60 range. Don't remember the name and can't find the email
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    SVB vs Orcullo

    Heard Dennis is #1 money player. I think he is the better shot [at least at this point]. If he breaks well I think he destroys Shan
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    WWYD - Getting on 2 ball

    what about coming off the short rail and going between the 4 and 5? If you're short you can always play the 7
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    Deep Knowledge

    people find new ways to do things, get an edge, cheat. If you're not cheating, you're not trying. Jumps came from somewhere. Became regulated and has a page in the rule book. It's not cheating anymore if you do it "by the book"
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    Has anybody here had cataract surgery?

    I have had lens exchanges. My cataracts never got bad enough for the insurance to pay. Cost me ten grand. Went from +8 and +8.5 to 20/20 and 20/25
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    Any good one eyed pool players?

    When I was i school there was a guy they called Johnny one eye. Played out of Frank's in a part of L A they called littleTokyo
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    Full rack Rotation

    15 ball would get old quickly. I use it as a teaching drill. Break the balls, take ball in hand and start with the 1 ball. More than likely you can't run more than 4 or5 balls. My drill rewards safeties. If you hide the object ball, you get ball in hand and keep shooting. With weaker...