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    yesterday (9/10) was a sad day for billiards!

    The facts are clear 1. Earl called the 2 ball, didn't pocket it but pocketed the 10 ball 2. Shaw called him on the "illegally pocketed 10 ball" 3. The ref knew the rules, if called ball not made in called pocket then inning is over. 4. The ref Reviewed the evidence and then Lied, calling the 2...
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    Did Ortmann foul? Bustamante says Yes!

    Did Ortmann foul at 1:05 ? Match goes hill/hill btw.
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    9ball scorekeeping app

    Thanks, I will check it out.
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    Break Stats -- Accu-Stats 2015 "Make It Happen" 10-Ball Invitational, Dec. 2015

    Were any jump shots attempted? Was it playing cue only, or could they jump with break cue?
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    Get rid of jump cues for Mosconi Cup

    At times I totally agree, but then this shot would have never happened
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    Make It Happen 10-ball <<<<<<<<<<<

    I wonder if they are using the "magic rack"?
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    Video: 1994 9-ball. Davenport semi vs Carter + final vs Hall

    Nice kick shot near the end of the match
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    Corey Deuel signed up for Q School (snooker)

    Corey tried last year as well.
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    Darren Forfeits Beloit

    Helfort is way off on this one. Gambling involves risk(as we all know), sleeping in and forfeiting is one of the risks involved.
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    play safe or shoot?

    Not sure if this was already pointed out in the thread but it sounds like you just 3 fouled-did he tell you that you were on 2? Lol
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    ADD/ADHD & Shooting Your Best Pool

    I believe that's true; but there are also a higher percentage of ADHD in prison!
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    Canadian Championships Free Live Stream

    Morra vs klatt now, winner plays big red in the final to follow
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    U.S Open Escrowed by Accu-Stats

    Japan Open withholds 20% for foreign players. I believe even the China Open withholds less than 30%.
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    Break Stats -- Derby City 10-Foot 10-Ball, Jan. 2015

    You mentioned that the 10 ball went on the break 7 times. Any info on who made these breaks and what pockets they were made into? Just wondering if counting the 10 on the break would have made the event more exciting.
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    Rotation question

    Yes, incoming player may pass shot back to the fouler.
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    Questions about action in Vegas in July between the Filipino and Taiwanese pros

    It reminds me of when Orcullo was trying to get out of a bad bet he made at Derby City a couple years ago.
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    Outsville "SOLID" Break tip.. FINALLY

    I may be a day late and a dollar short, but I would gladly test your new break tip.
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    Little Ko wins 8-Ball !!! Big KO ripped off, Pool hangs it's head

    a round robin format to determine who advances is different than losing and being invited back. Think of the round robin as qualifying for the next stage. If the top qualifier is unable to play then it is standard practice to invite the next best finisher to play. It would be similar to being...
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    Great CSI Event

    It sounds like a reasonable decision to me. Good for the fans at the event and those on PPV as well. The rule should be included in the contract or rules before the event begins in the future.