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    Opening a Room

    Hello all, Looking for advice. I am opening a room with 2 - 9' tables and 6 - bar boxes. The tables are ancillary revenue producers as we will have 6 - indoor pickleball courts, kitchen, bar, and a 2500 cap concert venue. There is no APA or BCA leagues in the area, only a state league ran...
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    Political signs at a pool hall? Would you give them your money? Please no politics please just answer the question

    Who gives a sh#t? A lot of snowflakes around here. I could care less if the establishment had a painted 20' mural that said eff Trump OR eff Biden. As long as its not on the playing surface, to each his own. I am there to play pool period.
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    Hard copy version of "Controlled Aggression"?

    You can put me down as an alternate.
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    WANTED Hicks cue

    Getting back into playing pool after 2 decades and trying to gather up some of the cues I had and liked back in the day, Looking for A "Hicks Sticks" cue made by Jeff Hicks from Stronghurst Illinois.