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    Y'all ever had "In Transit, Arriving Late" message from USPS?

    Yep, on cue recently. It was way late (like a week to 10 days late) but did show up in good condition.
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    Haven't I seen you before?

    Just saw this in my Google news feed: am I mistaken or is this the same young man I've seen on here posted by his dad? Was pretty cool to see, sounds like this...
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    Tim Monk 62” cue - For Tall Folks!

    Got the cue and it looks great! Thank you for a perfectly smooth transaction and a beautiful cue!
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    Cloth repair

    I'm guessing: to keep the the glue from sticking the cloth to the slate
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    Will this size room work?

    Very nice! Looks like it fits well.
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    Will this size room work?

    If you really want to play it up make the downstairs room a man-cave and start doing things like family movie night down there. Get them all used to hanging out in THAT room, then "give up" your man cave for the kids and re-address the pool table in the living room. Sacrifice until you get what...
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    Madman Bridge

    No worries, I'm not even irritated by it. I just think so many people assume EVERYone is on Facebook, and if that's the only place you put business info you miss out on more of the market than most people seem to realize. Facebook and the internet are not synonyms. I've been online since well...
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    Madman Bridge

    Not everyone has a Facebook account. Weird I know, but I have never wanted one, nor do I now.
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    Music rights

    as I understand it's youtube (google) that has the problem with it. worried about getting sued I believe.
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    Fargo rant

    If I implied that I thought you had sandbagged, that was not my intention. But it has been a minor point throughout this thread. Personally, I HATE to lose, so I can certainly see (and even feel) the temptation to shave off corners to win, but it was my mom's attitude that put the idea deep...
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    Fargo rant

    I think the difference is the "play to win", vs "play to win by any means you can". Sandbagging (imnsho) is Paramount to cheating. Take that gambling "win at all costs" mentality and confine it to the rules and good sportsmanship and you have a winning attitude/philosophy I believe.
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    Breaking from the head string

    put down the vodka and step away from the computer for a few hours.
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    Fargo rant

    This ^^ I used to play chess online and never understood the guys who would use their computer to select moves. I know my computer can beat you at chess, what's the fun in watching it beat you? To me one ought to play to improve.
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    Thought it was cute

    Oh well. .
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    Antique pool table refurbishing

    Holy crap. What a great old table, and awesome job resurecting it! Wish I had half your skill.
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    Black marks on pool balls: solution

    Excellent. Thank you!
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    Black marks on pool balls: solution

    So the table I'm about to have installed should be free from this problem?
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    Black marks on pool balls: solution

    Does this have a noticeable affect on the appearance of the pockets?
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    Al blackwell and a eric lorgov trade sell

    Can't see 'em cuz no Facebook
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    Home made Billiard Ball Cleaner Project 1

    I, for one, would LOVE to see a more thorough write up on what this thing entails, and I'd love to see a youtube video. My table is suppose to be installed very soon and I'll be looking into options for ball cleaning seriously shortly thereafter. Your solution looks fantastic, I'm very...