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    Cognoscenti, New Mezz, and More!

    Price reduced on unsold items
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    Cognoscenti, New Mezz, and More!

    Sending you a pm. Bludworth is sold! Mezz is sold!
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    Cognoscenti, New Mezz, and More!

    The Bludworth has been converted to Uniloc, the Prather is 5/16x14 The Mezz is United Joint
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    Cognoscenti, New Mezz, and More!

    Yea, the Cog was used by an A player around here and passed it off to me after he moved on to another cue, he treated it with respect. I never used it much because I'm married to my Tad, so I can let it go. and the mezz wrap feels nice, super smooth.
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    Cognoscenti, New Mezz, and More!

    PRICE REDUCTION FS:Offloading some extra cues Buyer pays payment fees, I pay shipping. From left to right: 1. Cognoscenti used $2500 obo Butt: 15.24 oz Notes: A few blemishes in the finish. Rolls Straight Original Shaft 1: 4.09 oz 13.04 mm Notes: A few nicks lower on the shaft. Rolls straight...
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    I like the new format where they have sets.

    At the very least, one final sudden death rack if the sets are split, if not a full set. The shootout is the worst thing for pool since the soft break.
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    Sold TAD Fancy 8 Point *RARE*

    I am looking to sell a rare 8 point TAD. The serial number is 12XX so it is from the early '90s. It has a fresh refinish and rewrap by Keith-Andy in Japan (does great work). The green linen is a slightly different green than the traditional Tad linen, but I think it looks nice. If you...
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    Who have been the best 9 ball players in the last 20 years?

    Yang Ching Shun should be in the discussion somewhere. The only big win he had was an All Japan in the 90's, but he killed the guiness tour for a few years and remember when he BBQ'd Dennis in his prime for the cash in the Philippines and then did it again?
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    Best player ever for the cash?

    If Orcullo is in the discussion, surely Yang has to be mentioned as well considering he got there against Dennis in his home court twice.
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    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    It was to 50. I think it was KPY who beat Shane to 25.
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    Quantity of quality of players today

    That's kind of how the old timers I learned from taught the game and I assume it was how they were taught I think because they assume you are already a fairly good player. I teach my students more in depth, but that's because they are generally a lower level and need a little bit more hand...
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    What would you do here?

    Well, the safety comment was replying to someone who asked what to do in the case of 3.5 inch pockets. Even with a weaker safe, I am betting against most people running out from the 6 with the 7, 8, and 9 on opposite sides of the table like that without ball in hand. Maybe a fargo 750+ would...
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    What would you do here?

    Play safe on the 6.
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    What would you do here?

    E for 4 inch pockets, C for 5 inch pockets
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    How to Curve an Object Ball

    No chance at mastering that one. lol. Probably 1/100 or less even if you are trying to do it on purpose. Maybe Florian has the dedication to get it on video or something. haha
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    How to Curve an Object Ball

    Play it in slow motion, the ball actually hits the rail on the flat comes out about 3-4 ball widths towards the 7, but then curves back to the pocket. Its kind of the same as bending a bank, but it bent a lot more than is normally possible because the ball hit the rail as it was rising.
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    How to Curve an Object Ball

    That happened to me a while back
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    Stats -- Gorst vs. Bergman 9-Ball Race to 100, March 2021

    Aren't those matches all 10 ball? I think the percentage would inevitably be lower for 9 on the spot 9 ball with 3 point rule because the break is so much more challenging.
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    I know you were being sarcastic, but a not insignificant number of people lurking this forum definitely read this post and wholeheartedly agreed with everything you said. It's really sad.