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    Pia Filler Makes History as First (and only) Female Pro on WNT

    I agree,..Besides, I read Jeanette Lee at her peak made $500,000 one year. Big deal. It's tough to make any money as a pool pro, trust me, I know.
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    Dumbest tournament rule ever???

    I have been playing since the 1960s and have never heard of that rule.
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    I am out west and ready to go to Maine, Bangor Maine.

    I am out west and ready to go to Maine, Bangor Maine.
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    The magnificent Irving Crane

    He sold Cadillacs and a nearby diner would have a burger and fries...and run 100. Saw him play Lassiter in Alex. Va at a 24/7, 35 table, club called Jack & Jill's. [never locked the doors for about 30 years] A place owned by Bill Winnie Bennie, Staten straight pool contender and a one pocket...
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    Who is responsible for money owed?

    When I and others have engaged, backers are past tense. If one has a backer, all of the cash is up, if game.
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    Bring Back Hustling Culture

    I read this as a search for action...good money games. Having watched 1 pocket for $5,000 a game, I get the idea.
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    I had a no-name tip [$5 total] put on my $$12.95 no-name stick in 1969 at Jack & Jills, Bill Staten's [Winnie Beenies] place in Arl., Va. and would almost kill to have them both back. Seems only these layered tips are the ones that mushroom.
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    Does a Firmer Grip Maximize or Diminish Feel and Touch for the Cueball?

    I have always felt and practiced my stroke similar to the stroke of the bow arm playing the violin. Loose in wrist, the grip and the stroke itself, gentle but firm only when needed.
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    Mushroom Tips

    I had a new tip put on my $12.95 breakdown cue my first and until it was stolen, in 1969 at a place called Jack & Jill's in Arl., Va., it had never mushroomed. I have been thinking that layered tips mushroom and my non-layered tip was the reason why mine didn't.
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    The reason I prefer 8 ball over 9 or 10 ball.

    Two things, 9 ball is more difficult because it is rotation and only one ball creates a good hit. All of the 10 ball I have seen is called pocket and no combos but only lately in a few tourns. Now in fact, many tourn,. have gone to called 9 ball. 8 ball is the growth in league play because it...
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    Would it be possible for a Remake of The Hustler to be good?

    I thought The Color of Money was a stab at a remake. Some say all it did was get gilrs/women into the poolrooms.
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    Why bigger pool tables? And questions?

    BCA has a pro 9 ball tour. on 'bar boxes' in Vegas at the Rio.
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    How would you run this rack?

    Of course like all such questions pertaining to the last two balls on the table, it depends on how one gets on the 7. A slight angle to the left, an easy stop stop makes the cue ball drift up for straight in the corner on the 8 and another stop shot leaves almost straight in for 9 in the side...
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    Johnny Archer vs SVB- Subjective Question

    Going back far enough and I do, in his prime, none of the guys would beat Luther 'Wimpy' Lassiter. He won 6 world 9 ball titles, 5 14.1 world titles and numerous 1 pocket titles often double banking balls, something I never see any do now. How about Harold Worst ? An adult prodigy under Willie...
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    Did Mosconi use his Balabushka at the exhibitions

    And the 526 ball run was never official as it was not in a tourn. and nobody was counting until a reporter came in and started. He did so at over 200 balls. It was all a guess and then used it as a promotion.
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    Did Mosconi use his Balabushka at the exhibitions

    Irving Crane sold Cadillacs in Rochester, NY and almost every day for lunch, he'd go to a very nearby pool hall have a burger and run at least 100.
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    Harder 8' or 9' for 14.1 Straight Pool?

    Rotation games are always the most difficult because there is only one good hit. That is also why victory in rotation games between two pros is almost always kicks and safes.
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    FOULS IN POOL ... Everything You Need to Know

    How about this ? 9 ball tourn., I played a pretty good safe. My opponent strokes with speed, misses the hit and the cue ball continues on at speed. Just as the cue ball was about to break up two balls stuck together, he grabs the cue ball and hands it to me. Obviously, this requires me to soon...
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    do you need to know how to draw the cue ball two table lengths?

    It isn't the distance of the draw so much as one can use the power to separate balls to create a shot. I have used it quite a bit in 8 ball, there being such a higher instance of balls clumped together.