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    Royal Crown balls (magnetic cue balls)

    Can anyone out there tell me who the Mfg. is for these balls? Aramith Magnetic cue balls are getting harder to find. So, I'm wanting some info. about Royal Crown magnetic cue balls.
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    3030 cloth

    Does anyone know what company makes 3030 Tour Edition cloth?
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    Clean cloth

    Hi all, do any of you know the best way to clean table cloth? Some of the bars here have drink stains on their tables. They have Tour Edition 3030 cloth, any ideas will be appreciated. Thank you
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    My first tip installation. Went south

    Hope you were able to get your tip on. Yes, a cue lathe will make a huge difference. But it's costly if your only replacing your own tips. For me I have a cue repair lathe from Cue Man Billiards and I love it. But I do cue repair as well, so I was able to justify the expense. Maybe you could...
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    I use it all of the time and have for years on many tables. Opinions are like a..holes we all have them. The bars and Pool rooms most likely use something less expensive. All is good as long as it works.
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    Ball Cleaning Questions

    Hi all, not a room owner either, BUT I do, do a lot of ball cleaning at our local bars, for friends and at home. I have used a wide range of cleaning products, Aramith, different car cleaners/polishes and waxs. My favorite is the Aramith Ball cleaner. I use a homemade ball cleaner that I made...
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    Dirty balls

    Your ball cleaner might be dirty. If it's clean you might try a different ball cleaner. For me I have used several different types of cleaners, Aramith, a multi-purpose cleaner and some spray waxes, along with head light restoration products. They have all been effective but my go to is the...
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    Dents in the felt

    LOL your right. As for me I'm 67 and have been playing from the age of 13. Seems like yesterday I was riding my bike across town with Quarters I took from my Moms purse just to play some pool. My how time files.
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    Dents in the felt

    Thanks Bob, I believe your right. It's like standing in front of a fan that's on high, and your trying to take a leak and expecting to stay dry. It's just not going to happen. Thanks for your input.
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    Dents in the felt

    I don't sweat anything anyone says. I know from conversations I have had with other people that he is wrong. I just thought if anyone had any documentation I could show him, it might set him straight. Thanks for your comment.
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    Dents in the felt

    I agree, do you have any proof ? I would like to show this person that he is wrong.
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    Dents in the felt

    WOW!! You all went way off of what I was asking, DENTS in the felt. How anyone checks if a table rolls true is not the question here. Anyone that has played pool knows that their are many, many tables that roll off. And they might be level. We all can't play on the best equipment. Their are many...
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    Dents in the felt

    You have gotten WAY off the subject. It's not about how the ball rolls, it's about if dropping a ball on the edge of the cushion causes a Dent in the felt. Thanks for your comments anyway.
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    Dents in the felt

    Thank you Bob for that answer. I agree completely, like I wrote in my post there is a person at one of the local bars telling me that method causes dents in the felt. I told him he was full of it and I would try to find for him some proof that it didn't have any adverse affect on the felt. If...
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    Dents in the felt

    You can check how a table rolls by dropping a ball on the edge of the short rail so when it rolls to the other end rail and back it will give you feedback as to how the table rolls Doing it this way you won't add unwanted spin on the ball. Try it.
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    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Hello all! I'm Terry AKA poolsparky
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    Dents in the felt

    Can anyone provide documentation on weather you can put a dent in felt by just dropping a ball on the edge of the cushion to check the table roll/level. I have a local person that is telling me that when I drop a ball on the edge of the cushion it causes a dent. I don't see how that's possible...
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    McDermott Defy Carbon Shaft Issues

    The shaft I ordered did the same thing. I have a 3/8x10 tap that I used and now it works just fine. I'm not sure if using a lubricator will help of not. McDermott suggests using car polish on the threads if it gets tight, but that didn't work for me.