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  1. Surly

    First title win for melinda!!!!!...

    Congratulations, Melinda!!! Way to go!
  2. Surly

    Well Done Allison

    I've been waiting to see this match. I saw the semi-finals then nothing (thanks ESPN). It was supposed to be on at 1:30pm and I accidentally caught it at 6pm. Being new to pool I have not seen Allison play that much. It was a thrill to see her climb back to the top!! I even knew about the...
  3. Surly

    Cannabis, pool and life

    It sounds to me like the OP is a type that benefits from the effects of small amounts of pot. It's a natural substance and it's completely harmless. I don't understand the stigma.
  4. Surly

    Change the weight bolt and increase the action?

    As far as I can tell, the balance point is quite important. Changing my Pechauer from 18.6 to 19.4 made a significant difference for me. Subtle, but sometimes that's all it takes.
  5. Surly

    Partners question

    Interesting. I thought there might be established rules for this... Now I can settle this once and for all.
  6. Surly

    Partners question

    There is always confusion about this among the guys I shoot with... If my partner wins the game, I break the next rack, correct? So does the player who got skipped, the guy who shoots after my partner, get to shoot next? Or does the guy who always shoots after me shoot?
  7. Surly

    it just not a JOSS

    I played with a friend's Joss a few times that he was trying to sell. I loved it as soon as I held it. Get a pretty, high end Joss because that is what you want.
  8. Surly

    My deepest condolences to Melinda

    Very sorry to hear of your loss, Melinda.
  9. Surly

    My Cue isn't straight, can it be fixed?

    Surely there's a cue out there that you might like to have instead...
  10. Surly

    Left eye dominant and keep hitting right

    I've always thought I was left eye dominant until one day when I was in dead stroke I froze after one shot and realized that my left eye was not over the stick, but my right. So my question is How do you determine which is your dominant eye? I always heard that if you put your thumb and...
  11. Surly

    Did your cue have a name?

    My first cue was named Alice for 2 seconds before I came up with Malice. :grin-devilish: My new cue is a Pechauer so for now it's my Pea Shooter.
  12. Surly

    Handicapping the ladies in tournaments.

    No breaks. The game is about focus, aim, and minor muscle movements. You can play and win, or you can't.
  13. Surly

    Congratulations Allison!

    You lucky dog.
  14. Surly

    Congratulations Allison!

    Just wanted to congratulate Allison Fisher on winning the WPBA U.S. Open, and whipping my current favorite Kim!! Can't wait to see that last 2-9! Nice comeback!
  15. Surly

    billiards in Asheville NC

    Definitely Fat Cats. A real pool hall. Free pool every day from 11-2, 11-4 on the weekends, as long as you buy lunch. 15 tables, 9 9 footers and 6 8 footers. Good food and great management. Bonus: the tables were just recovered last week!! :)
  16. Surly

    smokey mt info

    Don't have time but thanks.
  17. Surly

    smokey mt info

    I'm looking for info on this as well, and I have found nothing. Zip. Jeez why does this tourney get NO attention?!
  18. Surly

    Opposite eye dominance problem..Huge..........

    Hi Geno, I do have the cue very close to my body - Kelly Fisher taught me that. :) But I still find that either cocking my hips, or leveling my eyes, helps. I think that sometimes when we're too tense OR too relaxed, we're not conscious of how we're actually looking down the stick...
  19. Surly

    Opposite eye dominance problem..Huge..........

    This may sound silly (wouldn't be the first silly post in this thread), but I have found that the easiest way to correct my left dominant eye over my right handed aim is to cock my butt towards the left when I am down on the ball - away from my stroke arm. It seems to pull my eye over just the...
  20. Surly

    espn 9 ball

    I'm there!