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  1. DeadStick

    Fargo rating curve compared to golf handicap?

    Here’s Jon Rahm’s current index from the USGA GHIN app:
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    This is how you know you might be playing with some rough customers…

    Turns out the ankle bracelet thing was a DigiStance prototype by @nataddrho
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    This is how you know you might be playing with some rough customers…

    Took it down and didn’t get mugged on the way out
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    This is how you know you might be playing with some rough customers…

    If we both end up in the final match, I might place a call to the sheriff’s office.
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    This is how you know you might be playing with some rough customers…

    In a little 8-ball tournament at the local dive bar tonight, and this guy shows up:
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    Justnum releases new bridge

    If justnum comments on this thread, I’ll definitely be clicking the “show content from ignored user” link. Oh, and that taint a bridge.
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    Samsara Cues out of business

    They’re great when they stay connected to your cue. Went through three of them popping off before I quit them.
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    Kamui Tips

    I’ve had good luck with a new Clear Black Soft I had installed 6 months ago. Cut 2 layers off so it wasn’t so tall. No glazing or mushrooming. Firm but I like a firm tip. Just occasional roughing up with a Kamui Gator Grip tool for maintenance.
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    Shane Van Boening draw stroke: wrist movement analyzed frame-by-frame

    I think it’s easier to drop your elbow when the heel of your hand can slip down behind the butt end of the cue at the end of the stroke, like it did when he played without an extension.
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    Best jump cue you've ever tested?

    Love my Cuetec Propel. Around 11 oz with butt extension, 8 without. All CF (even the butt), thick stiff shaft, and Taom 2.0 tip. It’s what Fedor used as he became known as one of the best jumpers in the game. Coming from a Pechauer then a Lomax, it’s been a serious adjustment to get used to how...
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    Another Farorate thread

    “I got lucky” 😂
  12. DeadStick

    Another Farorate thread

    Curious, what is your biggest flaw? Nothing stood out to me in that video.
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    Another Farorate thread

    7-0, nice shootin’! All but 3 or 4 of your shots were easy, though 😂 I’d back you against any of the 700-730 guys I play with. And you would dominate the 600s.
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    Are Fargo Ratings inflating?

    Thanks for the additional data, Mike. So the least active of the active players went up by an avg of 0.2 pts per year, and the most active went up by 7 per year. If the majority of the active players’ ratings went up over the last two years, how is that possible without general inflation?
  15. DeadStick

    Are Fargo Ratings inflating?

    I don’t think you can diagnose inflation/creep by looking at only one player, unless you know the results of all his games and the ratings of his opponents. He could have had a win rate that accounted for his 10 pt gain in 45 racks played.
  16. DeadStick

    Are Fargo Ratings inflating?

    This ^^ The chart indicates to me that everyone with activity in the system (at least one game in two years) is either maintaining their Fargo (people who rarely play), or increasing their Fargo, on average. So the average overall FR of active players is increasing. In a stable state with no...
  17. DeadStick

    Improved ball marker

    Hook up with a Chinese manufacturer on Alibaba and they’ll make solid brass ones for you for around $2-3 each. Will need to order a substantial qty of course, probably around 1,000 minimum. Cost will drop with larger orders. I had a business in 2018-2020 where we were ordering solid brass...
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    Another Farorate thread

    You’re explaining things to a 700 level player.
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    Another Farorate thread
  20. DeadStick

    Mark Wilson - CB or OB Last - Age Old Issue

    Hang on, for real? I don’t think that’s physically possible, except maybe for this guy…