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  1. Benelli

    Huebler afficiados - any details on this cue ?

    $300 cue on Flebay so at $45 you got the steal of a lifetime!
  2. Benelli

    Tascarella Titlest & Jim Buss Cue Values

    I live in KC and no one I know in either league I play in has ever heard of Jim Buss, I'm constantly extolling his virtues but he is a ghost even here. I feel like Jim was a cuemakers maker and outside hardcore collecting nerds he is not really known.
  3. Benelli

    Brunswick Willie HOPPE Pool Cue

    This could also be a custom shop order from the late 50's hence the variation
  4. Benelli

    Ivory Cue balls

    base value of a plain ivory ball in great shape is about $150 to $175 on the secondary market. If it's dyed or part of a unique set then the value will go up from there.
  5. Benelli

    90's Mali Identification

    US Mali ceased production in 2002 and the white/sliver logos were the last year of production. When the brand was purchased and production moved to China they shifted to the Mali logo that looked like this: And this:
  6. Benelli

    90's Mali Identification

    no, that logo should still be a USA made Mali Guy selling that exact same model here in KC, wants $300, I offered him $150 and he told me I did not know shit about cues. Oh, the chuckles that still give me....
  7. Benelli

    Aramith 2009 Premium or Premier or.... knock-offs?

    you have an Aramith cue ball and a set of Chinese poly-resin balls As a pool ball collector, I live by one very simple rule: What is in the box, is not what came in the box. As long as you follow that edict you will be fine...
  8. Benelli

    What are 100-year old cue sticks worth?

    So in this condition, even at 100 yrs old, not a lot of historical value here. Also, Briggs is not known as a maker of rare and desirable cues, and as people have mentioned without veneers of some type you're just not hitting any of the collectiblity points. They are still just plain house...
  9. Benelli

    What are 100-year old cue sticks worth?

    One comment I will say on this is the quality of old-growth wood like what's in these cues has a value, but there are not a lot of cue makers that would be interested in doing a conversion on them. I would have bought them for $50 shipped
  10. Benelli

    Help…in search of the oldest cue I can get

    You want to get you one of these beauts Clark... Albert Pick & Co.
  11. Benelli

    Old Pool Hall Owners Hoppe

    How good should we feel, as in.. how much did it sell for?
  12. Benelli

    Old Pool Hall Owners Hoppe

    UPS charges a new $25 dollar "irregular" box fee, on top of your shipping charges if you attempt to ship with one of those now.
  13. Benelli

    Sold Original George Balabushka 1960's Mint Condition with 3 Shafts Rare Leather Wrap LOA by Pete Tascarella Serious Buyers Only

    Here and Here The second belonged to Paul Newman and both had Pete letters.
  14. Benelli

    Sold Original George Balabushka 1960's Mint Condition with 3 Shafts Rare Leather Wrap LOA by Pete Tascarella Serious Buyers Only

    Recently two almost identical Balabushka's sold at auction for under 10K each. I fear the market for these cues has changed, a lot.
  15. Benelli


    He's active on Billiards Forum
  16. Benelli

    Brunswick Spectator Chair. ESV?

    That logo is more commonly found on the Brunswick phonographs
  17. Benelli

    1950’s Cue Builders, List

    Harold "Red" Baker, I've been told he started building and repairing cues out of his Los Angeles Pool Hall in the mid to late 50's. I think he learned from or just straight copied Harvey Martin
  18. Benelli

    Ebony and Ivory cue ID

    Now that is a perfectly proportioned Rambow ring, so many makers screw that up...
  19. Benelli

    Roundest ball ever made

    We'll this explains why it's taking Aramith so long to make and launch the new 100's
  20. Benelli

    Is this a Baker or a Martin?

    So this morning I have had conversations with Kent Taylor at Taylor Custom Cues and Fred Kohara at TAD Custom Cues. And let me say how deeply appreciative I am of both these fine builders giving so graciously of their time to humor me in the research I'm doing on my cue! The consensus is the...