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  1. Revlucjl

    What's up with Rodney Morris?

    Has he dropped out of the pool scene all together?
  2. Revlucjl

    SightRight: Stunned by how good this is

    I have one...Like brand new...What is the thread size of your joint screw? I believe the one I have is a 5/16 x 14
  3. Revlucjl

    Videographer gripe

    Would you go to any sport and view it through a paper towel tube? Hell no!!! My main gripe with watching videos of pool tournaments is that the videographers think it's artsy fartsy to crop in tightly on some shots so that when the ball is hit, you are prevented from seeing the tracking of the...
  4. Revlucjl

    WCBS Supports Ban on Russian and Belarusian Players

    My favorite player is Fedor Gorst....He's a sportsman and a true gentleman. He doesn't deserve this ruling.
  5. Revlucjl

    no longer looking

    I've tried to send a pic to some awhile back and wasn't able to figure it out. Sorry but I'm up in my years and would prefer to send a picture via gmail to your email. If your interested, please respond to my I have a Joss cue which is over 20 Years old. I do not...
  6. Revlucjl

    Hsunami (Kielwood) Low Deflection Shaft

    What joint pin does this shaft take?
  7. Revlucjl

    I'm not sure how to send a pic...I can try to send to your email if you would give it to me.

    I'm not sure how to send a pic...I can try to send to your email if you would give it to me.
  8. Revlucjl

    LF Joss

    I have an older Joss; probably around 20 years old. It is in beautiful condition. I do not shoot with it. I won't sell it for less than 500. If interested let me know.
  9. Revlucjl

    billiard atlas and cte DVDs

    I have CTE Pro one, but it has only one CD in the case.
  10. Revlucjl


    why not landon shuffet? He creamed Strickland a few years back on a 5x10. I think he's more interested in his education right now. He is an excellent player.
  11. Revlucjl


    Still for sale at $650 plus shipping. A carbon fiber butt and prime M shaft. In top condition. Original titanium joint screw.
  12. Revlucjl

    BeCue shaft

    I have a BeCue shaft and butt...all black CF. I bought from Italy awhile back. I'm pushing 80 and don't play that much anymore. If you would be interested, I would sell for $600. It's in like new shape. If I was playing more I would keep it as a player. It's actually a wonderful cue. You would...
  13. Revlucjl

    Core pool cue tips

    Has anyone tried BeCues new Core cue tips and could post a comment on them?
  14. Revlucjl

    Wasted chalk?

    I've often wondered why chalk doesn't come in a lipstick type container. It could be retracted and put in your pocket. When used up, a refill could be purchased.
  15. Revlucjl

    Wasted chalk?

  16. Revlucjl

    Ryan Meyer Full-Kielwood Custom Cue

    Just a follow up...not sure my last email got to you...I was interested in a trade for my becue shaft and butt. The prime M weighing 19oz
  17. Revlucjl

    Celebrations on top of pool tables?

    Acting like Chimps instead of Champs Definitely we are all entitled to our opinions, and mine is that if this becomes more common place; and it will if it is an accepted behavior, then...its only a matter of time when someone will be injured......THEN WHAT ? I think we should look ahead and...
  18. Revlucjl

    New Cue Tip?

    Has anyone heard of Core cue tips? I was watching a match from Russia, I think, and I saw an ad behind the table that was being played on. It showed a picture of what looked like a cue tip, that instead of layers, was composed of pieces punched out of circular pieces that would give it a...
  19. Revlucjl

    Help with Becue joint pin and insert

    Appreciate your input Thanks for the info.
  20. Revlucjl

    Help with Becue joint pin and insert

    I would appreciate any help on the Becue joint pin and insert. I had messaged Allesandro in Italy a few months ago. He said that they were moving their business to a different city. I have waited patiently for his reply which never came. I am happy with the Cue but not with his lack of response...