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  1. eastcoast_chris

    Pool? If you can only play one game?

    Best rotation game for sure ... Call shot/Call safe is great. Only rotation game I'll play when gambling. Really screws with people that think they're good rotation players, but actually just enjoy winning from getting rolls.
  2. eastcoast_chris

    What's your estimated fargo rating if you beat 9 ball ghost more often than not?

    I'm a 635 and I'd say I'm 50/50 to beat the ghost on my 9' home table. I sometimes play the 8 ball ghost (bih) and I'm probably about 40/60 in favor of the ghost. Sometime racks just aren't runnable in 8 ball, but some are super easy.
  3. eastcoast_chris

    Pool? If you can only play one game?

    Last pocket 8 ball
  4. eastcoast_chris

    Anyone ever get the YIPS?

    Nothing... just play through it and hope it goes away... and it always does. But for a short time I drop from a ~650 to a ~450 :)
  5. eastcoast_chris

    Anyone ever get the YIPS?

    I don't get yips, but once in a while I get the "I totally can't see/trust myself" on cut angles. Only lasts a short time, but I notice it right away when it is happening.
  6. eastcoast_chris

    Fedor and his Extension on his cue

    Seemed like he did it for both when he needed to stretch a bit and also when he just had a long straight shot. In my experience the added weight of an extension helps keep things stable on long shots. I play with a 4" extension on all the time, but will take it off for jack up shots or very...
  7. eastcoast_chris

    2024 World Pool Championship

    Is there any Live Scoring pages? Couldn't find any links in the usual places.
  8. eastcoast_chris

    Short safety game

    If you want to practice safeties, try out this game that I came up with. Play 9 ball (or 10 ball). Race to some number (20?) fouls. The object is to make your opponent foul. (not hitting lowest ball) No points for making balls or winning games. If you have no safety available, you can...
  9. eastcoast_chris

    Rhino carbon fiber

    When a company won't take back/replace something so new, but out of their warranty period, I do the old rebuy and return the damage one as if it is the new one after a week or two. Since you already talked to them, just get a friend to order the new one for you. Yes, it is fraud, but I'd only...
  10. eastcoast_chris

    Anyone wear wrist straps?

    Those are wrist guards for skateboarding/rollerblading.... nothing more.
  11. eastcoast_chris

    WNT Nineball Ranking Event : Scottish Open (1-5 May)

    Karl beats Albin 10-4 ... makes me happy!
  12. eastcoast_chris

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    The Joust on the left is a JROK FPGA multi Williams setup. (Look into it if you don't know. Plays perfect. Joust hanging on the wall is a custom build by myself that had the JROK in it, but now has a Pandora 10th anniversary...
  13. eastcoast_chris

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    Took some recent pics of my home room. Still a work in progress, but pretty close to being fully put together. Freestanding building (22'x 20') with 11 foot vaulted ceiling. Built from the dirt up by myself.
  14. eastcoast_chris

    Perimeter vs Lite Systems

    I built this light from 6 shop lights for my 9' Black Crown II ... probably about $150 total + my build time. Works great. Simple project if you have good tools/a workshop... and like wasting time building things.
  15. eastcoast_chris

    Brunswick Spectator Chair. ESV?

    You want to make a Ball Rack for your BBC? Read what you wrote again. ;)
  16. eastcoast_chris

    Deliberate foul query - 8-ball (and brief tournament experience)

    Saw it ... they were playing a different version of 8ball with a number of different rules. That rule specifically tries to prevent matches getting slowed down. See the details here; I'd love to play in one of the tournaments... Timed matches, short shot...
  17. eastcoast_chris

    Super Seniors Competitive Fargo

    FWIW, I know some people (68 years old ish) that are eligible to play super seniors (at BCA/ACS, etc) and they opt to just play in the Standard/Open divisions because there are too many SS players that are really good (630+++)
  18. eastcoast_chris


    I wrote one years ago for Android, but it wasn't super fancy. but you could drag and drop to place the balls around the table to show layouts and save a screen shot. Wouldn't take much work to extend it with the features that some of the web based apps have. Here is a screen shot of it;
  19. eastcoast_chris

    Fargo rating curve compared to golf handicap?

    Quick search found this;