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  1. moccabee

    Anyone have a Old Viking threaded bumper?

    I did not find one. How much?
  2. moccabee

    Anyone have a Viking threaded bumper for a cue made prior to 2004?

    Looking for one of the thin threaded bumpers for a Viking cue made prior to 2004. Anyone have one they are willing to sell? email me
  3. moccabee

    Anyone have a Old Viking threaded bumper?

    Looking for one of the thin threaded bumpers for a Viking cue made prior to 2004. Anyone have one they are willing to sell? email me
  4. moccabee

    WTB Mike Gulyassy Sledgehammer

    Are you still looking for a Mike Gulyassy Sledgehammer?
  5. moccabee

    small desktop 3axis router

    What is the working area? Overall Size?
  6. moccabee

    Stabilizing question

    Those of you that stabilize your blanks, what are you using to bake your blanks after you stabilize them? Full oven or is there a toaster over big enough? How is the smell?
  7. moccabee

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  8. moccabee

    Free Drawing... Reintroducing the Accu-Racks!

    Please add me to the list
  9. moccabee

    Leather Wrap Jig $500.00 for the fixture is a crap ton of money. Several people on here have built their own. Maybe one of them would be willing to share their design for a fee. I for one would be interested.
  10. moccabee

    Dust collection with a Hightower Deluxe

    I am looking to connect my Hightower Deluxe to my dust collector and I am looking for option on how to do it. If you have done this already can you please provide some ideas on how to did it?
  11. moccabee

    New Year-New Shop Toys-Going to Sell Hightower

    How much are you asking for the entire package? Might have someone ready to buy.
  12. moccabee

    Shop Soundproofing

    I am currently selling my house and moving to my fiance's house. Of course, with this move, I have to build another shop. Since the new shop will be in the basement under one of the bedrooms I will need to do as much soundproofing as I possibly can. Has anyone else had this issue and what did...
  13. moccabee

    14" Grizzly Band Saw

    I don't think you should buy it..... I think you should tell me where it is located and how to contact the person so I can buy it
  14. moccabee

    Looking for logo help

    Here is the updated G-code file. My previous one was hanging in Mach3.
  15. moccabee

    Looking for logo help

    I have tried creating an engraving for my cues using Bobcad but when I run it through the machine it doesn't look good. Magneto font Mocc 1 I have attached a copy of the G-code as well. Do I need to spread the letters out or go deeper on my cuts? What size end mill should I be using?
  16. moccabee

    History of the Schon STL-15 Design?

    I currently shoot with one and love it. Although I am currently in process of building a cue to replace it as my main playing cue it will still remain in by bag.
  17. moccabee

    Thank you

    I would like to thank everyone who post in this forum for their many helpful hints and tricks and overall willingness to help others. Cue makers are a special group and although not everyone may get a long all the times we should all be thankful for one another to help push our ideas and trade...
  18. moccabee

    Used lathe needed cheap

    I sold my mid-size cue man lathe to a local pool hall where a buddy of mine has been doing cue repair for a few years now. He has a quite a lot of people that bring their cues to him including some well known local pro players. When the new owner took over they informed him he would have to...