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    Who's the most popular cue maker still making cues

    I would highly recommend John Bender in NJ. Great hitting cues.
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    Deal gone bad on superior cues site

    This kind of deal really hurts good, responsible sellers. If, for any reason, a buyer is not satisfied with what he received he should be able to return the item for a full refund. After all, the seller will be no worse off. If a seller isn't willing to sell on those terms he should not be...
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    Custom Sneaky Pete

    Ned Morris builds a GREAT sneaky pete.
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    Best wrapless player

    I too, prefer wrapless. My favorite is a Cognoscenti. Ebony front and rear and bubinga handle.
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    Allan Kinghorn: Thank you.

    God bless you, Mike, and your family. You're a very special person and I'm proud to call you my friend. Best of luck to you, buddy.
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    Unknown Maker of Cue

    Adam... Sands model. Not worth very much especially considering the condition. I have one that I bought new in 1974 and it still has never hit a ball. The $25.00 price tag is still on it.
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    Which cuemaker ?

    John Bender
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    Moori Medium Equivalent?

    This is from Atlas; I installed one of these and they are the real deal.
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    Beautiful John Bender Twins For Sale

    I agree 100% with everything you said.
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    Fields 2x4 Leather Case
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    True Grit

    Eugene, did you leave a positive iTrader for John... and he hasn't left one for you? Unless I missed something it appears you didn't leave him one, either. Just curious.
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    Playing characteristics of triangles vs lePros

    On the average, LePros are slightly softer than Triangles... but LePros produce a harder hit, IMO. Triangles are courser than LePros thus the burnishing problem. But that's one of the nice features of them. They really hold chalk well. Kamui black mediums seems to me to be the laminated tip...
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    Casey spoonemore your new gemcue is ready

    Absolutely beautiful cue. You do great, clean work. Your designs and attention to detail is outstanding.
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    Wanted....14mm crown tips

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    >*>*> Ebony Titlist...Who would you get to convert it?? <*<*<

    John Bender would be my choice. An up-and-coming cuemaker that will, IMO, someday be compared with the elites.
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    Prayers and Get Well Soon for Mike Lambros

    Hang in there, Mike. You're one of the good guys and many people are praying for you. I know exactly what you're going through as I went through it 2 years ago this week. Now I'm better than new and I'm praying for the same results for you. Good luck, buddy.
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    Can I put a 9 ft table in this room?

    3.2 metres equals about 10.5 feet, which is not enough for any size table.
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    Decided to play again...only differently!

    Fair enough. Welcome back.