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  1. jeffj2h

    Whats your most memorable come from behind performance in a match ?

    I wrote post describing how I try to put myself in the best possible mental state to make a comeback possible, and an example of my favorite comeback ever. It was in the semi-finals of the masters APA cities, I was down 1-5 playing like garbage, nervous as hell, while my opponent is jumping...
  2. jeffj2h

    Laurie Franklin (Southwest Cues) just called....

    It’s nice that Southwest actually follows though with their wait list. The game with steel sports Rolex watches the last few years is the authorized dealer will put you on the ‘preferred customer’ wait list, that is if you will buy a few other non-Rolex watches that are not selling.
  3. jeffj2h

    Pocket Advice, please

    That’s a very deep shelf. And wow, those rounded facings are going to do more than rattle; they will spit balls back across the table. 🙂
  4. jeffj2h

    Fedor Gorst vs Jeff de Luna 10-ball, race to 100 is coming soon...

    Based on the history of races to 100 on TAR most likely the winner will be obvious before it’s half done and it will be a greater than 15 Game victory. the TAR matches were a great experiment for the time, but to me they proved it’s better to do a series of shorter races (and probably mix up...
  5. jeffj2h

    Sixteen pool halls in NY win injunction to reopen

    The election is over. Prepare yourself for a u-turn in conventional wisdom about lockdowns.
  6. jeffj2h

    sardo rack

    I watch a lot of old matches and the only person I ever saw rack using the Sardo rack was Carmine Sardo himself. He racked the balls. That was all I needed to see to know something was up; that this gadget must be tricky to use.
  7. jeffj2h

    Mental Game – How to mount a comeback

    It turns out the same concepts I outlined above apply to Tennis. Here is Kevin Garlington explaining the "5-2 Curse".
  8. jeffj2h

    Charles C. Peterson's challenge

    Very cool. Post some pics please.
  9. jeffj2h

    Tip - What flavor is everybody running these days - Just to see what is more liked

    Kamui brown medium for the last 5 years. Previously used a Moori medium for a few years. I picked Kamui because it seemed a respected brand on AZB, and "medium" because I had no way to A/B test tips and just wanted "average" hardness. BTW, when I switched to a LD shaft around 7 years ago I was...
  10. jeffj2h

    Who was all in on the infamous dumping at Challenge of Champions 1991?

    Rempe was either not in on it or he's a great actor. He was a commentator in the finals and during the last 3 or so games he pointed out numerous times how Hall's position routes made no sense and brought the CB close to scratching. Who knows, but if he was in on it I'd expect him to stay silent...
  11. jeffj2h

    Who was all in on the infamous dumping at Challenge of Champions 1991?

    I know those two events were tailored to the casual fan, but personally I found them unwatchable. TSM was a bunch of "he's going to hold five jump cues in one hand!" style nonsense. And for the COC, ESPN seemed to tell the small audience to clap after every single shot. If I recall the matches...
  12. jeffj2h

    Mental Game – How to mount a comeback

    A lot of players meltdown and have 0% chance of coming back. But if you keep your wits you can have a lot better chance.
  13. jeffj2h

    Mental Game – How to mount a comeback

    Johnny Archer down 1-5, playing badly, and about to come back to beat Darren Appleton 6-5 in the 2009 Mosconi Cup. 100% focused.
  14. jeffj2h

    Mental Game – How to mount a comeback

    Everyone has found themselves way behind in a match, it looks hopeless, and you are tempted to hurry up, and lose. However, there are practical techniques you can use to stay calm and talk yourself into mounting a comeback. I’d like to describe the techniques I’ve used to come back in matches...
  15. jeffj2h

    Which players have you tried to "emulate"?

    one player I’ve learned NOT to emulate is Bustamante. Great guy and player, but after an hour of watching him and his bicycle stroke, I can’t make a shot!
  16. jeffj2h

    should pro tournaments ban the jump cue?

    Mosconi Cup appeals to casual fans, so I’d keep the jump cue for it. Other events appeal to more serious fans and I’d ban the jump cue. Sent from my iPad using AzBilliards Forums
  17. jeffj2h

    Pleasures Of Small Motions

    The one thing I got out of Pleasures of Small Motions: Don't look at a match like you would a "final exam". If you do, and you lose, you will be beating yourself up over the failure. Of course you will work very hard to win, but look at each match as building your experience at competition...
  18. jeffj2h

    Bert kinister 60 min workout-TINMAN

    Of course Bert is still around! He lives south of Chicago. A few years ago he told me he played at Red Shoes Billiards in Alsip. I learned a ton from his videos and from lessons when he lived in Dallas. His energy adds a lot of fun to his videos, and they are peppered with gems.
  19. jeffj2h

    Aiming center ball hits off center

    Shoot long distance (CB and OB 4-diamonds apart) stop shots, using a measles ball. If the CB consistently has any spin on it, you are accidentally hitting the ball with slight english. Now the crazy part. Bert Kinister taught me this. You can try figuring out what on earth is causing it...