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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Very confusing nowadays. Just like some women, made of 100% male.
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    An Efren forum?

    Sorry I missed the link.
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    An Efren forum?

    There was a rumor then that Reyes used a $20 dollar cue stick during his Cesar Morales time. But he clarified this that it's not $20 but $10. And that cue stick was owned by the real Cesar Morales, it was loaned to Efren. He cannot used any other cue stick however expensive they are because that...
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    The Reyes Cup

    So Reyes Cup is between Europe vs Asia, not Asia vs The World nor Philippines vs The world. To me Since it's a Reyes Cup it should be Philippines vs The World.
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    The Reyes Cup

    Matchroom grabbed the opportunity to use the name Reyes. Someone from Asia must have been planning this.
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    MOSCONI CUP 2023 AZB Watch Party / Master Thread

    Matchroom will not abandon this Mosconi Cup. Europe has fun humiliating the USA.
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    MOSCONI CUP 2023 AZB Watch Party / Master Thread

    Regardless if it's USA vs The World or USA vs Philippines, it is still fair match because same number of players.
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    Another chicken shit “foul”

    Yeah I agree to some here. Any moving ball/balls should not be disturbed until full stop. That is the rule for all not just for one. That guy did not dare to listen nor read the rules. He must be busy gambling. Only in gambling match that this can be done.
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    Predator WPA World Teams Championship (10 Ball), 8-12 Nov, Puerto Rico, Winning Team $120K

    For Philippine team they invited Garcia instead of Raga. I think to level it. Biado, Amit and Chezka hold world championship titles, putting Raga in there, that's dominance.
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    Predator WPA World 10 Ball Women’s Championship 2023 (18-22 Oct 2023), Austria, Winner $50K

    I thnk Chezka received a lot of guidance from other top Filipino players. She's now more concentrated and not rushing too much to shoot.
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    Predator WPA World 8 Ball Championship 2023 (17-22 Oct 2023), Austria, Winner $75K

    What a stupid rules. Full time pool players rely only on winnings and go to as many tournaments to earn money, (or lose some). So by punishing these players, how would they earn their living? Get a second job then pool players.
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    Matchroom Major Event-European Open (8-13 Aug), Fulda, Winner $30K Prizefund $200K

    Raga is a top money player in Manila match only by Biado.
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    Sharks International 9 Ball Open (24-29 July), Philippines, Prize Fund $100K

    Villafuerte has beaten, Chua and Aranas in money games playing even. So unknown Filipinos are also dangerous.
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    WCBS Multi-discipline Championships, Ankara, July 2023

    Someone might have difficulty pronouncing Eighth Ball, hence Hey Ball. If it's Eight Ball then just call it Eight ball.
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    Standing on table after winning a tournament...disrespect

    I am not worried. That table will be dismantled after the tournament, anyway.
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    Malvides Open 10 Ball Championship 2023 Topic

    A foul is touching the cue ball while still in motion. Unless they created that rule for that tournament.
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    Watching pool from the Philippines on YouTube......

    Ball position markings, if the ball is disturbed, I don't think it will be replaced to its original position but will prove that a foul occurred.
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    Mosconi Cup - Proper name?

    Many people believe Mosconi is just a player and he cannot match today's level of play. Nobody knows that. Who knows, if he lived today he might still be a world champion. But Mosconi is Mosconi, one of the greats. It is right to have memorial tournaments under his name.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Yapp lost not because he cannot match Biado's potting ability, but because of missing some experience when faced with difficult situations. Shots that others would not take, Biado would go for it. Yapp should practice more with Filipino players as Singapore is closer to Manila.