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  1. KMcCready

    Here's my 40 year old Joss

    All the All the time. I also shoot with a custom cue made for me by Al Romero. That cue is also about 15 years old. Of course I have a few others as well. But these two get the most time at the table.
  2. KMcCready

    Here's my 40 year old Joss

    Still my number one. Original shaft with ivory ferrule. Still straight as an arrow. Won many tournaments and big money games.
  3. KMcCready

    Kielwood shaft ?????????

    I'm late to the game here, but to reiterate, there is no such thing as kielwpod. These shafts are all made from roasted maple. The prices they charge are pretty outrageous as well with Hsunami at around 415 a shaft. Nothing special. Just maple wood baked in an oven, sometimes in a vacuum. That...
  4. KMcCready

    Off center or out of round cue joint

    Only issue I see with that approach is that my Joss has the steel joint. Joss did get back to me finally with a quote, and said I'd have to send the cue and shaft to them, but the turnaround was pretty quick at a week and a half. I need to ask how they would bring the two sections concentric to...
  5. KMcCready

    Off center or out of round cue joint

    That's good to know about these cues. I've seen a lot of earlier versions that appeared out of round, but mostly being a visual issue more than affecting how straight the stick was. Elmhurst. Don't tell anyone. Lol.
  6. KMcCready

    Off center or out of round cue joint

    Hi guys. I've got an older Joss cue from the mid 80's. When the shaft is screwed on, the joint is slightly off center, though the cue rolls straight. I'm wondering if this is something that can be fixed or should I just leave be since it seems to be true otherwise. Visually though it has bugged...
  7. KMcCready

    Al Romero Sneaky Pete

    I've got a cue made by Al about 20 years ago. Mint. Straight, balanced and plays well. For the right price I'd let it go. Al makes some great sticks, but imho, the older ones are pretty special.
  8. KMcCready

    WTB Little Al Sneaky Pete

    I have one that Al made for me about 20 years ago. Mint, well balanced and plays very accurate. His joints are solid. Shoot me a message if interested. I might be willing to part with it for the right price. I'd be ok selling it because I own a Joss cue which is my number 1.
  9. KMcCready

    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Hello from LA Hi guys. Nothing much to say. Just your average Joe. Got my training at Hard Times in Bellflower, Ca around 89. Spent many a long night there, often shooting 9 ball til 3 or 4 in the morning learning from Efren, Bustamante, Strickland, Varner when he came to town as well as many...