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  1. RTaylor692

    AZ room

    Does AZ still sponsor a room? If so, how much to get in on it? Been a while since I have gone!!
  2. RTaylor692

    Official Going to DCC Check In Thread

    I will be there for the 9-ball segment. Didn't get there this year and really missed it. Can't wait to go back.
  3. RTaylor692

    AZ/One Pocket Room

    I have done this twice. I have met a few of the rude people, but I have never had a big problem getting on a table. I am usually in the room LATE, so it is a non-issue. I will be more than happy to donate to get the access to the room. If there are people in there that are not members here...
  4. RTaylor692

    AZ/One Pocket Room

    Is there going to be an AZ/One Pocket room this year? If so, I am definitely in. Just let me know when and where to send the money.
  5. RTaylor692

    2012 AZ/OP members room interest thread

    The AZ/One Pocket room usually has 2 tables that are free to play for paid supporters. The time of day determines how busy the tables are. I usually spend my days and evenings playing in and/or watching the tournament. The tables are usually not too busy late night/early mornings. Great time...
  6. RTaylor692

    2012 Derby

    I planned on going for the whole thing, as I get an extra week of vacation next year. However, my wife lost her job and I don't know if I am going to be able to make it at all. I am going to try.
  7. RTaylor692

    the derby should move

    I first heard about the tournament 4 years ago and have been the last 4 years. That means I have been to 2 at EW and 2 at HS. The tournament prices are going to go up, unless people stop *****ing about location and put more effort into promoting our sport. All the negative comments deter...
  8. RTaylor692

    the derby should move

    Don't Worry! Be Happy!! I have been sitting here watching this thread. It seems to me that there are a lot of people that don't like the move, but there are only 32 posts here. As we all know, there is and most likely will continue to be around 1000 players or so down there for the event...
  9. RTaylor692

    Free!!! Free!!! Free!! Sneaky pete free raffle contest!!!

    Thanks a lot. Hopefully we can pay it forward one day!! Here are my 3 sets: 1,3,6,8,10,12 2,8,16,33,40,45 20,32,36,40,51,55
  10. RTaylor692

    Feedback or opnion of the az room at dcc

    I too looked for the cards with no luck. Unfortunately, I don't think a card lock will work. The room is not big enough on the one side. There are many times you are standing in the doorway to make your shot. I only come down for the 9-ball, but I would be happy to be a "room goon" in...
  11. RTaylor692

    Starkey Cue & Cuetec Jump Cue - $8/spot, $15 for 2, and $21 for 3

    when you say last white ball, do you mean the last white ball they draw or the highest numbered white ball, since that is how they will list it?
  12. RTaylor692

    2011 AZBilliards/ members room @DCC

    Payment sent via paypal. Thank you again for getting us a room to use.
  13. RTaylor692

    Starkey Cue & Cuetec Jump Cue - $8/spot, $15 for 2, and $21 for 3

    I will take 3, 37, 40 please!!
  14. RTaylor692

    Custom Cues

    Alright everyone, I have been around this game a long time. I have always used store bought cues(i.e. Meucci and Joss). What is the difference between these and custom cues? Do the customs hit that much better? I understand the workmanship might be a lot better, but I tend to lean more...
  15. RTaylor692

    AZB room?

    bump bump bump
  16. RTaylor692

    lots of cues at a good price

    Could you send me a price list of what is still available.
  17. RTaylor692

    AZB room?

    Will there be an AZB room again this year and if so, when can we send money. That was a great time last year and I met some great guys.
  18. RTaylor692

    2011 DCC - Who's in from AZB this year?

    Room reserved and ready to go for 9-ball.