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    *****LTB GTF Storage Case*****

    No luck on my Steve Price search. Anyone have one of these laying around. Brown Nappa preferred. Pm me with details. Pics can be sent to
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    *****WTB Steve Price Case*****

    Still looking guys let's see some cases.
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    *****WTB Steve Price Case*****

    As the title states looking to buy a Steve Price case. Brown 2x2 preferred but willing to look at other styles. Email is the best way to reach me.
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    New Bob Manzino 6 Point Diamond Star Hoppe.

    Bobs work is AWESOME. Wish I had the dough for it. I'd take it in a second.
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    Case/Cues Paul Mottey - Ritchie Hsu - Plus More

    Great deal on a cool set.
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    WTB BrumhandL

    $2000.00 is a bit much, was looking to spend around $1000 for one that's been used. I do after all, intend to smash racks with.
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    WTB BrumhandL

    Anybody willing to part with theirs? PM me condition of the cue and price please!
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    WTB Ebony Titlist for conversion

    Bump! Still looking for one.
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    WTB Ebony Titlist for conversion

    Bump, still looking for one. Preferably one good enough for a wrapless conversion. Thanks!
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    WTB Ebony Titlist for conversion

    I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for an ebony titlist for a conversion. Not interested in a cue that has already been converted. Must be ebony, not looking for dark rosewood. Even points, clean titlist veneers, and straight enough to convert. I'm not sure what the market value is so...
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    ++++WTB Murray Tucker++++

    I know this is a long shot but as the post title says i'm looking to buy a Murray Tucker. Please pm me if you have one available with the price,and specs of the cue,pics would be a plus. Pics can be sent to Thanx.
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    Wrapless FULLSPLICE Ed Prewitt-WOW!!!

    Ep Gangsta lol
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    Beautiful Richard Hsu Cocobola w/ 8 Holly points/ Ivory joints

    Great cue Richies cues are awesome IMO great guy too. This is a great buy.
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    ***WTB Lomax Jump cue***

    Looking to buy a Lomax jump cue pm me if you have any available.
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    FS: Lomax Jump Cue

    Wood Looks like goncalo alves. Beautiful.
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    Fs or trade: Richard hsu

    Cue This is a great cue and a even better deal. Richies cues play top notch IMO.
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    How do Gina cues play?

    Can anyone shed some light on how Gina cues play? Hit,feel,sound of the hit the cues feedback. Ernie's work everything. Looking for all info. Thanks in advance for those who help.
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    //////////brand new wrapless southwest//////////

    Absolutely love this cue wish I had the cash. One of the best looking South Wests I ever seen bet it plays amazing.
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    Art Cantando Cue FS

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    Art Cantando Cue FS

    Price Drop ***$2100*** Bump....