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    Improved ball marker

    I’ll take two of the brass please.
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    Improved ball marker

    Bob, are these available for sale?
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    Shane Jackson your cue is finished..

    All the Shane’s in PA play jam up lol
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    What’s Open In Pittsburgh?

    Going to Pittsburgh for the weekend and looking to hit some. Are there any pool halls open? A bunch of places are listed as “closed” on Google so I wasn’t sure.
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    Where's Glen Hancock (Therealkingcobra)?!?

    Hopefully all of this will eventually be resolved.
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    Safety Ideas

    Thanks again for starting this thread.
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    🌶🌶Joel Hercek.....Ebony into BEM🌶

    Stunning cue. Congrats on the beauty!
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    Dr. Dave just retired from his "day job"

    Congrats! And thank you for all that you've done for our community!
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    Consensus "Greatest of All Time" (GOAT) List

    Efren R - 3 Alex P - 2
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    American Billiard Covering

    Just wanted to say how pleased I was with their service. They were hired last minute the day before Thanksgiving and did a fantastic job. Matt and Justin were both professional and knowledgeable about their work. We were in a scramble to get 3 Brunswick Medalists and 1 Diamond Pro-Am set up...
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    Fargo question

    The only league available in my area is APA. Is there anything in talk to establish a conversion or any type of reporting with APA?
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    Westgate Rooms Available?

    Long story short, there was a mix up with rooming and I've got three players in a tight spot. Do any APA LO's have any unused rooms from their block that hasn't been turned in yet available for purchase? I am searching for one room from now until August 13th. Text or call anytime...
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    Alex Brick Rubber Bumper?

    I've searched around a little, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. The rubber bumper on my Alex Brick dymondwood break cue fell out and got lost. I'm looking to replace it, but can't seem to find the match. Is this the same bumper...
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    WTB Diamond or Brunswick Tables

    Looking to buy 4-8 tables again. Located in Eastern NC, trying to get a room open. New or Used, would prefer to buy all together in a lot. 7’s or 9’s. With or without lights, chairs, etc packages. Can provide references if needed. Text any time. 252-732-0192 Thanks, - Danny
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    Anybody playing in the APA pool players singles in Vegas?

    Thanks! I'm out in Vegas too and will certainly be stopping by to check out Griff's before I leave. Thanks for the invite and the shuttle offer. Staying at the Westgate, so anyone that's here feel free to get in touch.
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    Leveling 9' Pro-Am difficulties

    I'm having trouble adjusting the levelers in the legs. I can't seem to get the bottom nuts locked down enough. I know that the top nut should be used to change the height, but clearly I'm doing something wrong.
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    LF CAD Users

    I started a thread in NPR and it was suggested that I post over here also. I would like to commission someone to help with a side project; turning some scribbles and ideas into an actual model. If this is the wrong section or inappropriate, I apologize ahead of time and ask that the mods...
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    Losing a parent

    My mother was killed two months ago in a traffic accident in front of my our home. There aren't any words that will ever make it easier. Just know that you are strong enough to continue forward and there is a wonderful community surrounding you for support when you need it. My condolences.
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    Vendor List - US Open 2016

    Thanks for clearing that up. I hadn't spoken to Steve in a couple weeks, so I just assumed he was still going. I hope all is well and he's healthy.
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    Vendor List - US Open 2016

    Not sure if Lomax/Blackburn count as a vendor, but they'll have a booth up.