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  1. trustyrusty

    Forum members attending 2023 DCC?

    went friday and saturday, did not enter banks or 1p (couldnt get away from work next week), but had to go for a couple of days. I dont come over to the forums much any more, but still see and talk to familiar faces from derbys past.
  2. trustyrusty

    Music city open

    i also went to the Music City this year (1st timer), and witnessed the 11-0 over Buste from just a few feet away. Sky is GREAT on any table for sure, but on a barbox he seemed to be in a different class than anyone else there. Sure, Buste and Dennis won the other events there, but Sky really did...
  3. trustyrusty

    Tiger did it.

    I was in Atlanta last year for the Tour Championship (at East Lake). Tiger went "old Tiger" on Saturday, and nobody was gonna catch him on Sunday. That was the indicator that another major or two was definitely within his reach. For those who are only casual golf fans....the Tour Championship is...
  4. trustyrusty

    Who Is Going To The Derby This Year?

    next time we'll hit some balls, instead of me wolfing down mediocre horseshoe food. :embarrassed2: thanks for the vid I've never seen, and again, sorry about your taste in teammates :p
  5. trustyrusty

    Who Is Going To The Derby This Year?

    Nice putting a face with the name Russ.... Now I can say see ya next year. Too short of a stay this time, bummed I didn't run into everyone I try to chat with every year, but was very pleasantly surprised to see BEAV (steven). Those that remember the TAR days at the Derby should remember...
  6. trustyrusty

    DCC Bits and Pieces

    Derby good. All the complaining typical :rolleyes:
  7. trustyrusty

    thanks Mr Jac0by

    She's all mine, and has two new hybrid shafts with it as well. The Jacoby's are just GREAT folks who make an outstanding cue.
  8. trustyrusty

    thanks Mr Jac0by

    dcc purchase :thumbup:
  9. trustyrusty

    Who's going?

    Thurs - ???? I'm n0t hard t0 find, 100k f0r the g00d 100k1ng guy :p
  10. trustyrusty

    Peoria's own won the mens teams Vegas

    Good going Rob. That big of a tournament is such a grind, it takes a lot out of ya....I mean, unless the whole team was Josh's age which you all CLEARLY are not!! :p Congrats again! :cool:
  11. trustyrusty

    Peoria's own won the mens teams Vegas

    SWEET!! Great playing fellas! I'll make sure to buy JJ a Miller Lite the next time I see him...the rest of those schlubs can buy their own :p oh, and good eyes Freddie. Did he give you any guff about your attire like some others from Peoria usually do?! :cool:
  12. trustyrusty

    Mr. Olinger

    Billy, Harry Caray butchered about half of the players names that came out of his mouth. He ranks right up there with Butkus, Ditka, and Jordan as the most beloved sports personalities in Chicago (and beyond). Us pool fans hold you in the same regard Cubs fans do Harry. Well, you need to drink...
  13. trustyrusty

    DCC Updates (random)

    thanks for the updates Fred....I'm usually there to see the 1P finals, but couldn't do it this year (already back home). YOU ROCK! :thumbup:
  14. trustyrusty

    The Craziest Thing that resulted from being in a hurry to get to Pool

    winner....hahaha, that is funny right there.
  15. trustyrusty

    Boradriver's A Real Player

    I've met that guy before....had his thumb out on I65 in Indiana. If we played when we got to the Derby, I doubt I won any games :eek: He must be softening up some :p Good to hear I'm not the only one. Hope to see ya again Cliff (Derby again, maybe). You really are a decent fellow, regardless of...
  16. trustyrusty

    PPV Jan 13-17th 29th Annual Music City Open 9 Ball Race to 11

    Or not....good shooting Bobby¡! :thumbup:
  17. trustyrusty

    Cues for sale with the previous owner's name engraved...would you buy one?

    .....nope..... or, maybe I'm saying that to keep you away from the one for sale, hmmmm :cool:
  18. trustyrusty

    I thought of a new game for beginners/amateurs

    cue ball behind the cushion????
  19. trustyrusty

    You might be a pool player if...

    ....if you can go to the Horseshoe Casino in Southern IN, for DAYS and never set foot on the boat. :cool:
  20. trustyrusty

    Best gamblers vs the best tournament players? Who has more skill?

    have any non-World Championship caliber "gambler" play a World Championship player even, both on their own money....nothing goofy like 36 straight hours or something like that, and you'll likely find the WC player will win. When things do get goofy, spot wise, or no breaks in play, then and only...