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  1. Chris Salinas99

    Quick warning to buyers

    Good to know. Thanks for the heads-up
  2. Chris Salinas99


    Well the year was 2017 and the sky got dark and the wind and rain came. Hot damn it. Hurricane Harvey came to town and flooded the room my pool case was in and ruined my BK2 shaft and my Mike Stacy cue. I've tried the BK3 and OB break cue but nothing worked like old Betsy. Basically I need a BK2...
  3. Chris Salinas99

    Hustlin USA !!!

    Looking for the hustlin USA baby onesie in blue! It's for a friend that had a baby I few months ago. Just want him to smile for Christmas
  4. Chris Salinas99

    Who has the don't tread on me Instroke case?

    I still have it. (361)676-5208 text me and I'll send you a pic
  5. Chris Salinas99

    3/8x11 Old Growth Shafts

    Any 3/8-10 coming soon?
  6. Chris Salinas99

    Cue makers in Oregon/Washington!

    Hey guys. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I would like to buy cue while I'm up here!
  7. Chris Salinas99

    Wtb pool table

    I'm asking for my friend. He is from Houston and is looking for a good table. Let me know what you got!
  8. Chris Salinas99

    Any tournaments in Oregon?

    Hey im going to Oregon this week and want to play some while I'm there. South Oregon would be better. Any help would be great!
  9. Chris Salinas99

    9 foot diamond....

  10. Chris Salinas99

    OB Sneaky Pete FS/Trade

    I have an OB sneaky,great shape. Im looking for $299 OBO or trade. Im really want an old beater or used sneaky Pete Text me for pics at (361)676-5208 Chris PS- I don't check my AZ inbox everyday so text me for faster response
  11. Chris Salinas99

    9ft diamond (texas).....

    Hey guys I have a 9 ft diamond pro am red label for sale. It's in awesome condition! I just need the money for bills and stuff right now. It comes with Diamond Light, 2 racks of balls, rack, leather Diamond cover, bridge and other cleaning stuff and more stuff I can't think of right now. Shit...
  12. Chris Salinas99

    1st Annual Tornado Open Sept. 30- Oct.4, 2015

    Sorry but lone star was bought out by the Russians
  13. Chris Salinas99

    paypal as a gift for cue sellers..

    I gift all the time. Most people with over 100 sales are not going to mess up there 100% itrader for a few hundred doll hairs!
  14. Chris Salinas99

    WANTED: Left Handed Pool Cue

    Hey I need one too! Let me know if you get one!
  15. Chris Salinas99

    OB-1 3/8x11!!!

    This shaft is in great shape and ready to be played with! $120 and I pay the shipping. Just a quick flip not trying to poke anyone's eyes out! Text for pics : (361)676-5208 Chris
  16. Chris Salinas99

    OB-1 5/16x18!!!

    This shaft is in great shape ready to be played with! $120 and I pay shipping. Just trying to make a quick sale not a million dollars. Sorry guys! It's 5/16x14! Text for pics : (361)676-5208 Chris
  17. Chris Salinas99

    Lost a set for five hundo on Sat

    . It sucks to lose and to lose that much. It's hurts. But we all lose sometimes. Shoot my biggest loss was 600 in one day. I lost 3 races to 5 for 200 before I figured out I couldn't beat him. Lol I was younger and stubborn. And the crazy thing about this game is that you WILL win it back...
  18. Chris Salinas99

    Shaft turned down in las vegas

    . Makes me sad. I always have sooooo much fun there and I can go this year
  19. Chris Salinas99

    WTT my 9 foot diamond for a 7 foot diamond!

    Like the title says...... I love my 9 footer but I'm a little cramped and think a 7 would be better for me right now. 9 footers cost more so a little jelly and the 7 sound like a fair trade. Im in south Texas About an hour south of Houston Text for pictures and details...