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    about efren

    I was fortunate to watch Efren extensively during the 90's and the early 2000's.. Never did I watch a set without hearing a knowledgeable1 Hole player exclaim "What did he just do?" or "What the hell just happened?' I vividly remember longing for a DVR in my head. Well diagnosed and said...
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    Next Level Pool- LITERALLY

    Seems that there is a new chalk every month or so. Anyone know what the current ratings are? If so, please post or direct me.
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    Found the best thing to burnish and slick up a shaft.

    The original Dr. Z's by Kerry Zeiler and sold through Best Billiards in Santa Ana, Calif. Generous squares of 3M mesh ranging from 600-4000 and a felt cloth to remove any residual. All stapled together and packed in a plastic pouch. I wipe down my shaft after playing so I don't get the blue...
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    Dr. Dave 2021 PBIA Instructor of the Year

    If each pool community had a Dr. Dave or a Scott Lee the world of pool would be a lot better and its reputation much higher.
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    Attention Jay Helfert. Got a question for you.

    I have never known Jay to participate in a baseball thread. I moved out of the Dodgers & Angels baseball area but still enjoy an afternoon at a local minor league stadium. It is a great way to step off the fast track.
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    Ive Never Heard Efren Reyes Give a Testimonial For a Pool Cue Before.

    He is very particular in his cue preference especially with the taper. I was fortunate enough to watch him for many years at Hard Times in Bellflower, Ca. During the time that Kenny owned it and his daughter Brook watched over the room the Filipino's made it their base when they came over to the...
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    Ive Never Heard Efren Reyes Give a Testimonial For a Pool Cue Before.

    First time I have ever seen him use a CF shaft. I know for a fact that in the past he has been very particular about his cues as I know a couple of cue makers who worked with him on custom cues. Bottom line is that he dould beat most using the worst house cue in the room. We see many athletes...
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    Fedor vs Alex ~ new game and new bet?

    This was all very strange to me. Changing the rules a third of the way through the match. I agree with the poster who said "All bets off." It made me laugh because I had listened to a Podcast, Cue It Up, and they were all saying that going to the template would do nothing but destroy Alex due...
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    Rarest Exotic woods

    Cue makers are acutely aware of wood market pricing including the always changing availability of exotics. When you ask a custom cue maker to make you a cue of a special combination of woods the price will be according to the current market or at times what the cue maker feels the market will be...
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    no more HOB

    Roy Choi. Last I heard he had several trucks plus a Brick & Mortar. He was on Diner, Drive-Ins & Dives. Each night he was in a different location which was announced daily. On the night with Fieri when they arrived at that night's location there were literally hundreds of people waiting...
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    What's the smallest, lightest Aramith cueball?

    The balls are both relatively new. We play on Simonis 860. When I clean the balls I use Aramith Ball Cleaner and a 100% cotton towel. I'll clean the balls tomorrow. However, the question remains as to why two different balls from the same manufacturer & of almost the exact same age play so...
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    What's the smallest, lightest Aramith cueball?

    It would spin like a top. On a break one time it spun for close to 8-10 seconds. It was and is so different from any other measle ball that I spent the $ to get one from Aramith just to compare. He has mixed the balls up but I can tell which is which within minutes. They weigh in at the same weight.
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    Catfish, Hard Times Bellflower regular (2 nostalgic photos)

    Sam. Thanks Martin I would have been searching through memories all night trying to remember. Heck of a nice guy. He moved to Anaheim a few years before passing and wasn't as consistent in his daily attendance after that. Loved cues--except for Richard Black's. lol His kid(s?), pool and horses...
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    What's the smallest, lightest Aramith cueball?

    So many differences. A guy brought a measle ball into our clubhouse. He claimed it was a Aramith. this ball spun like no ball I had ever seen. I used to play at Hard Times in Bellflower and had watched hundreds of games plus what I had watched online and had never seen such odd, consistent...
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    New Joey Cue

    You really need to go through the archives. It will be pleasurable. Great wood selections. Meticulous construction (been in his shop many times over the year and have discussed construction in detail) that leads to a very special hit. Consequently, you seldom see his cues on the secondary...
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    Shaw vs Orcollo OmegaTv thread

    Thanks for the Jayson info. Such a shame. Horrible for Jayson and tainted one of the best match ups I have had the pleasure of watching. Great pool and a great example of never giving up. Each player showed great heart in being down double digits while watching their opponent play run out pool...
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    Shaw vs Orcollo OmegaTv thread

    The commentators mentioned towards the end that there had been something that happened to Shaw over the weekend. What was it? The level of play over the first two days was amazing. Dennis was just able to take his best game into the third day. Jayson's play today was not as good. He missed...
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    No stream @1:45 PST. I thought that today they were starting at 3PM CST. Amyone with the same problem?
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    Shaw vs Orcollo OmegaTv thread

    Correct. Amazing pool & a lot of heart shown by both.
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    PPV-Alex Pagulayan Vs Tony Chohan-$150,000 One Pocket Champions Challenge-September 23-26th

    Helpdesk is aptly named. Great attitude and quickly resolved problem,