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  1. theArtofPool

    9 vs 10-ball

    The most obvious challenge is the real challenge. Having that extra ball makes the break more important. You usually can't baby the break and dry breaks mean more clusters than you'll find in 9 ball. In 9 ball, a ball or two in the break is common. Unless you're Shane Van Boenig, your 10 ball...
  2. theArtofPool

    A before picture of the cave

    I'm already picturing the 9' Diamond Pro Am with tournament blue simonis 860 on it.
  3. theArtofPool

    Benifits of pocket reducers

    I agree with Scott that they're not the end all of practice aids as there's plenty of times where we'll want to shoot to one side of the pocket versus the other, but pocket reducers help greatly in just perfecting the dead center of the pocket. Sometimes when you're shooting, you just need to...
  4. theArtofPool

    Most Influential Pool Rooms???

    I will cast my votes to Hard Times in Bellflower, CA and Hot Shots in Cypress, CA.
  5. theArtofPool

    AZ members discount

    Another good bet is to look around the for sale section. You may find a good deal through one of the other members of the forums.
  6. theArtofPool

    Are we trending towards 15ball rotation?

    Wouldn't this be a good thing? As 9 ball becomes easier, why not play a tougher game? I suppose we did start way back when with straight pool being the dominant game, then progressed to 9 ball because it was faster. But as the players get better now, we'll soon revert to a longer game to...
  7. theArtofPool

    derby city classic

    I need to jump on this quick. DCC is one of the funnest events IMHO.
  8. theArtofPool

    Red Line "sight"

    Does this help? A lot of people like turning their cues in their grip hand as they run the practice stroke. I suppose it can work for some.
  9. theArtofPool

    Yes, I'm b******in!

    That's the most insane thing I've ever heard, being ripped off by a tournament.
  10. theArtofPool

    pool clothes

    I think pool players love representing their sport. That's what's so great about the pool community.
  11. theArtofPool

    Halloween on AzBilliards

    Mr. T in a dress = priceless
  12. theArtofPool

    Drugs to shoot better

    Honestly, I've never taken drugs to shoot pool before. I've tried many different breathing mechanisms to try to slow down my heart rate and cool my nerves while in a match and before a match. Sometimes though, it's tough. The pressure just gets to you because you want to win so much, or you're...
  13. theArtofPool

    Pool/Billiard Portraits

    Is the world crying out for an Ebay of pool? Need to start working on it.
  14. theArtofPool

    Please help! Desparate in Las Vegas!

    Haha. Funny picture. If you had balls that big though, you'll know when you're right in the money when it gets wedged in and doesn't bounce out.
  15. theArtofPool

    Why not include asian countries in the Mosconi Cup??

    I agree with Jason. Imagine a team of Efren Reyes, Bustamante, Lee Van Corteza, Pagulayan, and Dennis Orcullo. Throw De Luna or Santos Sambajon in the mix too. My money's on them, any takers?
  16. theArtofPool

    My new Diamond Table

    That's a nice table. I have money aside ready to pull the trigger as soon as I get a place big enough to store it. Home tables are an investment but I think they are definitely worth every penny.
  17. theArtofPool

    A favorite, predictable double kiss?

    I read somewhere and believe it to be true from experience, that if you're aiming at the object ball and you look as if you're aiming directly towards a corner pocket, then you're likely to double kiss. From here, you'll have to adjust by throwing the ball or putting top or bottom to avoid it.
  18. theArtofPool

    Dealing with Humidity

    Freddy "the Beard" Bentivegna wrote a book called "Banking with the Beard". He actually talks quite a bit about table conditions. From humidity to temperature, down to how the balls roll due to how the felt was installed. It's an awesome read. From my experience, the cloth is slower and grips...
  19. theArtofPool

    ~~ Josey Sneaky Pete - Pristine Condition!!! ~~

    I have to admit, it's not so sneaky with the points, but that's such a nice looking cue. I love simple cues. Good luck with the sale.
  20. theArtofPool

    Original Johnston City posters & programs

    I just read about these tournaments and a little about the Jansco brothers from Jay Helfert's "Pool Wars" book. I would buy everything related to pool in a heartbeat if I had the cash. That's pretty awesome. Good luck with the sales.