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  1. DavidMNienow

    Paces to Play in Oregon?

    Rack'em in Medford is a great place to play.
  2. DavidMNienow

    Ivory Documentary Idea

    I have been a pool player for over 35 years. I have been a member of this forum for over 10 years. And while i in no way qualify as one of the most active members i have always made the effort to contribute positively in my posts and be respectful of the members and the vast knowledge that is to...
  3. DavidMNienow

    Ivory Documentary Idea

    Hello Everyone Let me begin by reporting that in recent weeks I have completed certifications as a Studio and Field Producer for Rogue Valley Community Television based in Ashland Oregon. As a producer I am assisting on various shows produced by other producers and also producing my own shows...
  4. DavidMNienow

    Recommendation of cuemaker for southwest tribute cue

    Oh maybe because they dont want to wait 12+ years and pay for the premium Southwest price. Those woukd be my first guesses.
  5. DavidMNienow

    Whats in your case...... Players edition.

    Here is whats in my current case. Its a 4x8 soft case. Contains my Schon SP 15 model, Phillipi, Runde and Coker cues all with 2 shafts. All my medical support meds because im old. My various chalks im testing. My other tools. My lucky stones.
  6. DavidMNienow

    Pocket Billiards Competition Log Book

    Book 3 and last self published book in this set is the Pocket Billiards Competition Log. This form allows a player to document their personal match ups with their friends and other players. The playet can document 3 match ups per page. There are 100 copies of the form for a total of 300 match...
  7. DavidMNienow

    Pocket Billiards Tournament & League Analysis Log Book

    Book 2 of my self published pool training books is my Pocket Billiards Tournament and League Analysis Log. This form is designed to keep track of a players tournament and league activity. There are 100 copies of the form. The form allows you to record the format, rules, and handicap of an...
  8. DavidMNienow

    Pocket Billiards Training Log Book

    I am trying to raise funds to allow me to attend the BCA Nationals in Vegas in July. I have been out of pool competition for several years due to injuries from a car accident. It has taken me a long time to rebuild my health to a point that i can begin playing pool again. I re-started my playing...
  9. DavidMNienow

    lets talk about the cue youll never sell or trade

    My Schon SP-15 bought for me by my parents when i was in college. Still have it 34 years later. My Phillippi, my best hitting cue My ivory jointed Coker, a Christmas gift from my mother which cost 1500 in 1998. My Bob Runde, which cost me 1200 and my parents helped me get back around 2001 My...
  10. DavidMNienow

    Health issues 9 time tx. state champ Bob Vanover

    Sad to hear about Bob Vanover. When i was in college and learning to play i heaed stories about Bob and how well he played. Dementia is a tough thing to watch happen in a loved one. I have been watching it affect my father for the last six years as i take care of him full time. My prayers go out...
  11. DavidMNienow

    Segen Cues Contact Help

    Oh man this sucks. The last time that i met Evan was last summer at BCA Nationals. I shot one of his cues. Talked to him about ordering a custom design. I wrote him at beginning of january to begin ordering a cue and never heard back from him. But was excited at the idea of ordering a unique cue...
  12. DavidMNienow

    Need Information about this cue..

    Between the style of inlays and stain color it gives me a feeling of Meucci. But its not any Meucci i have seen before. It may have been an import pretending to look like a Meucci. To me it just kinda has that bit of flavor about it.
  13. DavidMNienow

    Phillipi cue opinions please.

    I have been playing with a Phillipi cue for over 15 years. Its tge best hittung cue i have and is my main daily player. Have won more with that cue than any other. Great quality, balance and hit. Wish i had more cues by him.
  14. DavidMNienow

    Another bad experience from Meucci

    For the money and best overall value id look at Pechauer, Jacoby, and Schon among the custom shops. McDermott and Viking for production. They all make a very fine quality cue.
  15. DavidMNienow

    Need Beta Testers - QMD Lite Digital Stroke Trainer

    Well its nice to see that there is finally some kind of response to this thread by the OP. but it would have been nice and somewhat considerate by the OP to have updated earlier. That would have prevented my need to express any negative concern about what may be happening in regards to the whole...
  16. DavidMNienow

    Need Beta Testers - QMD Lite Digital Stroke Trainer

    I have to assume at this point that this beta test offer is eithet no longer offered or wasnt real to begin with. I PM the OP within hours of the original post and have not heard back. I also in time emailed the company from their website. And i messaged the company thru their facebook page. And...
  17. DavidMNienow

    Schmelke's P090 Complete Brass Joint

    Schmelke's super brass joint i found to kill alot of sense of hit in the butt for a playing cue. However i always found that the joint worked great for a break cue. The joint adds forward balance to the cue and i always got great power for the break with it. In fact i intend to order a basic cue...
  18. DavidMNienow

    What cues are on your "must collect" list?

    My number 1 most desired cue has been a Richard Black Silver Crown model. Ive wanted that cue since i was in college in the mid 80's. After that a Gus Szamboti cue with propeller inlays. Then any cue that i like from Bert Schrager TAD Ginacue Balabushka PFD Josey AE Espiritu Those would be...
  19. DavidMNienow

    $10K Cues................

    The cuemakers with the biggest reputations will always have a select set of customers That will have no problem paying 10k+ for a custom cue. Its like every other luxury category. There r select producers of extreme quality for select buyers in the category. U wont see me spending that much...
  20. DavidMNienow

    RIP - John Robinson

    That's sad to hear. My condolences go out to his family. I had the opportunity to shoot one of his cues when we had it in stock at the pro shop I worked for. John's cues offered a solid hit with his unique joint design. And he offered unique designs with his cues. With his inlays in...