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    Ball polishers

    nope never has
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    True rack

    Looking for one of these for an 8 ball rack.
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    Ball polishers

    I have the ball star polisher I have no issues with it. Does a great job. I am happy with it
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    In my opinion this is a big mistake. I have been watching tons of his videos , he often makes mistakes that can't be made at that level of play.
  5. J

    exactly 2 months & 23 days later my full table restoration is complete.

    Awesome . You have mad skills my friend. Looks great
  6. J

    Spectator Chairs

    I am located in Omaha, Ne.
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    Spectator Chairs

    Looking for a couple reasonably priced spectator chairs. Below is an example
  8. J

    Looking for a used ball polisher.

    Please send me what you have.
  9. J

    Looking for a used ball polisher.

    Please post what you have if available.