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    WTT or WTB Predator Revo

    Los Angeles
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    Whyte Carbon Shaft 12.5mm

    Interested in a trade for a Predator Revo BVP 12.9 Radial + $50?
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    Wanted: Revo 12.9 30” radial pin

    Predator revo bvp 29” 12.9 radial joint
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    WTT or WTB Predator Revo

    Hello, looking to trade Predator Revo 12.9 Radial BV for Revo 12.4 uniloc or Radial or Revo 11.8 Radial WTB predator revo 11.8 radial joint
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    Uniloc Jump Cue Butt

    Predator LTD no wrap uniloc butt
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    WTB: Predator BK Rusk butt only or Trade for it

    Looking to buy Predator BK rush butt only, can also trade a predator ltd wrap less butt only for the bk rush butt
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    Sold Predator Air Rush

    Would you take $500?
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    Sold Predator AirRush jump cue

    Hello, would you consider $400? I’m in LA
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    Sold Predator Air Rush

    Is it still available?
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    Air Rush Wrapless

    Is it still available?
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    Predator Revo Break/Revo/ cuetec breach

    Hello, looking to buy or trade for a Predator Revo Break Shaft or cue uni loc or Radial joint. I’m new to forum and billiards but been lurking for a while. For payment I will use PayPal ONLY!!! unless we meet local. I’m in L.A. have zelle, Venmo, cash app and cash. Looking to buy or trade for...