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  1. freds

    2024 World Pool Championship

    He meant Tyler S.
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    Stats -- 2024 Buffalo's Pro Classic One-Pocket, May 2024

    Yes, I've always wondered about that conventional wisdom, never saw a real advantage. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that these guys would actually pay attention to what's going on and chose the side accordingly. The presumption being that the frequency of breaks from the right side...
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    Stats -- 2024 Buffalo's Pro Classic One-Pocket, May 2024

    Thanks for all this. The breaking stats are interesting - if I understand correctly, all games you watched were on the same table. It appears the right-side pocket (when looking down the table from the breaking end) was the "good" pocket. Did you notice anything in the way the table played to...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    What a tool!!!

    Yes, my take too. What I remember hearing is her saying "I only shake hands [ with people I respect ]", the last part was hard to get.
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    Treat yourselves to a great match.

    The video is great - edited down to showing only the shots, 32 mins for the entire match. (9 ball race to 10.) This is a godsend for all of us very busy people who don't have a minute to waste, not even for reading important forums on the internet. :rolleyes: (No really it's very nice.) There's...
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    Tip Contact Location Difference between 9-Ball and 14.1

    Here's another review of the The Balls, showing them in action. $100? Not for me.
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    Double Hit Nip Draw Debate

    It is a double hit, but whether or not a foul is called is situation dependent. Is there a referee? Then it's a foul iff the ref says it is. With no ref, if you're going to call that a foul you'd better have a discussion before the shot is attempted. Along the lines of "that's going to be a...
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    What a tool!!!

    1. You have to call BALL and POCKET. It does it matter how it gets there. 2. Filler's foul was not on the impeding ball, i.e. the ball he was jumping over. (At least it didn't sound like it from the description I read, I didn't see it.)
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    What a tool!!!

    It doesn't matter and probably nobody else cares, but to get it straight - it was never a foul and nobody called a foul. She made a legal hit but didn't call the shot. End of inning, no ball in hand, incoming player's option. (He chose to shoot, and did not take ball in hand.) Anyway yes, in...
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    What a tool!!!

    No, it's obviously not him at the end; you can hear his strong accent when he called and discussed her non-call. What was said at the end was addressed to him, not from him.
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    PBS Las Vegas Open 2024 (Men&Women),10 ball, (Feb 21-24) Men’s Winner $30K/ Women’s Winner $18K

    Here you go, she's down 3-0 in 2nd set vs Allison; about an hour in: Doesn't take too long that's for sure, fun stuff. And I think it's Mika on commentary?
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    Sickest shot ever?

    The Geniepool fellow can play, he was one of Fedor's training partners way back in the olden days in Mother Russia.
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    Multi-combo challenge

    No bet! Ok fine, I'll give you 3-1
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    Multi-combo challenge

    Hey very nice! If you're into prop bets and feel pretty good at 5 tries you could do well with that. I'd probably be easily convinced to give 5-1 w/5 tries. (No lasers allowed!)
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    Multi-combo challenge

    Did you try it? I think it's a lot easier than I think you think, since the balls are pretty close together. Here it is on an oversized 8 table, not 9' but almost. Just like greg, this was my 2nd try; first time just didn't hit it hard enough. I lined the balls up w/2 cues; you can see that the...
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    UK championship going on now

    Here's that last frame, condensed to 6 minutes. As someone politely mentioned - Legend!
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    3D printed pool cue

    Well that sounds like a lot of fun! (A lot easier but not as interesting - toss a tip tool in the carry-on and grab one off the wall. And hit closer to center ball.)
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    UK championship going on now

    Guess so - and the punters too, I got a bet in on Ding at +750(!) yesterday before the semi against Trump. Final now at 4-4.
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    When Are You Playing Your Best Pool?

    For 9 ball - in a ring game. A different mind set, or maybe lack thereof.