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    John Parris Pool cue for sale

    jp-pool cue pm@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    ~>~>~>~>~~> F/S Sweet Southwest Cue <~~<~<~<~<~

    sw Ebony on Ebony ?
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    Franklin Era SouthWest 529-95

    cue pm!
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    Franklin Era SouthWest 529-95

    sw-cue nice cue !
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    Bill McDaniel Q8 For Sale

    cue PM!
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    Looking for a Ed Young sister cue

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    Very rare wood 1987 Jerry Franklin Southwest with letter

    sw-cue Whether to belong to the same screw diameter?
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    *** F/S HIGH-END CUE COLLECTION: Kersenbrock,Prewitt,Tascarella,Fanklyn SW,Gina

    cue Kersenbrock (all original,4 shafts) Is there a sign? Mark? Certificate? How to prove that is the legal edition? Hope to get evidence that, thank you
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    ~ Kersenbrocks ~

    Dpk pm!
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    Allen Hopkins black boar 4 point 1988 - 1989

    hi; pm thank you
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    Barry szamboti for sale!

    hi; PM!
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    ※※※※ Predate southwest Franklin 84 - 86

    sw Want to see clear pictures of screw hole. Whether the big hole? PM!
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    WTB southwest cue

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    Old Kersenbrock cue

    cue PM! cash in hand!
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    WTS Kersenbrock Merry Widow

    hi; If equipped with a good certificate, I think a lot of people are willing to buy.
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    FS ***4 Point Gus Szamboti***

    Gus Szamboti pm!
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    F/S Three Gus Szamboti,,!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gus Szamboti,,!!!!!!!!!!! pm!
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    John Parris cue value

    jp-cue John Parris Classic cue in Britain website have offer. New sell about 240 pounds.
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    An affordable fancy south west cue on ebay

    Have new to my collection; Have new to my collection;
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    FS 2005 Southwest

    sw-2005 Very beautiful! Want to buy, but do not sell overseas, regret, good luck for sale!