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  1. tlingit

    One Pocket: A Game of Controlled Aggression

    The book I did the paypal thing $60.00 8-N-OUT Thanks Carl
  2. tlingit

    Favorite game to watch?

    One hole all the way
  3. tlingit

    cliff thayer

    I would see the at the 211 club in Seattle , Nice man allway willing to help you. He had a TV show.
  4. tlingit

    And ideas for custom license plates

    My car Lic plate is, 8-N-OUT
  5. tlingit

    Bill Cress has Passed Away

    I have an Accu-stats match with Bill and Jimmy Mataya doing the commentary and he seemed like an easy going person who loved pool. Hi I loaned my copy to Bill a long time ago, and he never gave it back to me, I talket to Pat at Accu-Stats but he has no copys of that match, It it possible you...
  6. tlingit

    Bill Cress has Throat Cancer

    Billy RIP Billy you will be missed
  7. tlingit

    What is going on with ACCU-STATS ????

    Accu-stats I have over 250 Accu-Stats tapes and dvd's , over 17 years Pat has been the best to me.A1 service
  8. tlingit

    Happy Birthday Jimmy Reid!

    Jimmy's B Day Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!!!!!!!
  9. tlingit

    Heating The Slate Bed

    I use 10 25 watt light bulbs under my 9' Gold Crown 2 table 24 hrs a day 360 days a year, Table is in my garage.
  10. tlingit

    Pool ball polishers

    Polisher Woody let me no when you have more available, I will take one. Thanks Carl
  11. tlingit

    >>> FS: Andy Gilbert...Brand New...Beautiful Cocobolo <<<

    Hi can you send me a pic of the shafts
  12. tlingit

    Hi Everybody !!! Jimmy Reid Here

    Good to see you back, NO TIME FOR NEGATIVE
  13. tlingit

    Pro's and Cons of a ball return table

    ball return all the way, works best for me.
  14. tlingit

    What's In The Case ??????????

    Patrick McKernan Seattle WA
  15. tlingit

    Personalized License Plate Ideas?

    My plate 8-N-OUT WA state
  16. tlingit

    Strickland vs Reyes

    Nice! well worth watching
  17. tlingit

    Rest in peace, Grady.

    Thanks for all your help with my game. R.I.P Tap Tap Tap
  18. tlingit

    WPBA Pics

    Nice treat. Thanks Zack
  19. tlingit

    Happy Birthday to Keith McCready!

    Happy Birthday Keith and wishing you many more it's a nightmare
  20. tlingit

    Sad news about Grady Matthews.

    Very sad news, indeed. Best wishes, Grady. You are one of the best commentaters on accu-stats.