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    Leave 9 Ball Alone!

    The worst thing to ever happen to pool was the changing of the rules for 9-ball . Roll out and 2 foul rules were the best because they made the players think and use different strategies depending who they were up against . Also do you think someone should win a game because they missed their...
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    DCC buyback option

    As long as the drawings are done out in the open with people watching i don't see any problem . Any tournament that can produce the number of players that DCC does should be applauded and emulated .
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    Bar table pool vs. big table pool

    Another point i forgot to put in my previous post is that when they changed the rules of 8-ball to allow the breaker open table regardless of what was made on the break it made the game at least 25% easier to run out . On a big table even 35% easier . Don't get me started on 9-ball rules .
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    My DCC thread

    Would somebody explain the rules of the 1-pocket challenge . I have not seen any of it and have got different versions from people i have asked . Thanx .
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    Bar table pool vs. big table pool

    Okay let me put my 2 cents in . The main reason for 9-ball being easier on the small table is the break . It is harder to break and get a shot on a big table at about a 4 to 1 clip . Ask a good player how many racks he has b and r ed on a big table and ask again about how many on the small table...
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    woman beats man

    Usually the men's tournament is called an " open ' tournament thus women are allowed to play .
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    woman beats man

    When i used to argue with some pro bowlers that i knew about what game was harder to play . Bowling or pool . I could always end the discussion by telling the pin boys that " you can teach a monkey to bowl " they never had a rebuttal to that one .
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    Is this a TAD

    I think it is a tad 70-72 .Great cues.
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    Question about light for my table.

    Fluorescent ? Are the best . What ever you decide to install remember that the glass or plastic shade should have a reflective finish color on the inside . I think white is the best and using green glass or plastic is the worst .
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    Learned something new

    To better understand double kisses try playing a little 3-cushion . It will help alot .
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    Upsidedown Felt Story

    Back in the 90's Iplayed in the Texas Open in Austin In july or august . the tables had been recovered the week before. Only problem was that they put the cloth on upside down . Nothing like playing on real slow cloth in the summer in Texas .
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    who wins

    Tell me who wanted to play Reyes 9-ball or 1-hole in the 90's . He would beat both Alex and Taylor at both games . Case closed !
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    Unusual one pocket matchups

    Back in the day Ronnie would spot great players 8-6 and steal . He had a special weighted shaft that he used to play 1-handed . Needless to say he won the cash most of the time . If you locked up the top 10 pool players of the 60's-70's in a room with the same amount of dough and they had to...
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    Top 10 in the world

    I am glad to see the different opinions on who belongs on the list . My list includes about 6 pinoy players , a few european shooters and a couple chinese cueists . To judge a players gambling for $ you have to have some action to base your comparisons on. Not much happening with that so all you...
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    Top 10 in the world

    In the world ? I don't think Archer or Hatch make the list . There might be ten or more players just in asia that are better than those two IMHO .
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    23,000 posts???

    Rossaroni --- How are things in twin-town ? Jimmy still being Jimmy . Has Beau moved yet or is he going to fade like Lee and Jimmy . Does SVB come around at all ? How is your game? Will be up to visit when it gets warmer .
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    Top 10 in the world

    Okay - Realistically how many american players do you think are actually in the top 10 players on the planet . And i don't mean some players that have been hanging in the U.S. for a while . Born and bred here .
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    The Best Thing to EVER happen to Pool!

    Sorry, but i have to disagree about the bar box being a good thing . The bar box is good for the companies that make them and the room owners and tavern owners who put them in their bars . As far as the game of pool is cocerned they are a double edged sword . On one side you have the chance to...
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    3-cushion billiards

    3-c is the toughest cue game their is . I used to watch some old timers play while i waited to catch a bus home from school in the mid 60's . I thought it was stupid . Stupid I was . It is a great learning game for learning how to kick and lag and stroke without shooting hard . I have played it...
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    Slow Players What are you thinking about?

    When i was playing pool alot i was one of the fastest players you would ever see . One tournament 9-ball match i had with whitey walker in st.louis was race to 9 winner break .Whitey beat me 9-7 with only two 9 balls made on the break . Granted we were playing on a bar box but the match only...