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    Mark Gregory Rails

    Mark's work is about the best in the business if you want a Gold crown, Anniversary or any other restored. If you have his bed and rail work done you'll be shocked. It's worth shipping them to him for the quality of t he job.
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    Name a pool hall you wish was still open today

    Q ball billiards in Greensburg, Pa.
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    midamerica cue lathe large bore

    Lathe Is this still available and where is it located???
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    FS: Cue Lathes, Accessories, and Supplies

    Could u message me your number id like to come see this and purchase it . Buska95
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    Thank you I was curious. I have a very serious cue made by John and I was wondering about its source. It is definitely worth coming out of that shop.
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    Still waiting for someone to respond who knows about the person I asked about. I don't need your opinions of people I could care less about. AND you definitely need to keep out of the conversation if you don't know aNutting about JS who at one time worked for Tim Scruggs and is or was a...
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    Can anyone tell me about a cuemaker from the Baltimore area, johnny slavateni I may be a bit off on the name spelling. He was to have worked for Tim Scruggs. Looking for info on his cues
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    FS: Cuesmith Inlay Machine + more and over 100 Endmills

    Inlay machine Is this still for sale. I've asked a couple of times i'm interested in it. Barry
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    FS: Cuesmith Inlay Machine + more and over 100 Endmills

    Inlay machine Is this still available?
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    Everyone should check out the match at Big Tymes tonight in Houston Erica. .....Aka has a Manny vs Ruben match up tonight race to 21 10 ball even starts 530 central time looks like a great match up
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    Best player from Mexico?

    Franco was a great also.....RIP
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    Lighting Help

    We have a designed LED about to be released for just pool tables. working on a release very soon proper light super long life and major reduction in electric consumption.
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    Mid sized cue lathe

    lathe I'm interested. Pm sent any list avaliable or more pics
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    R Black cue

    black cue Are you selling this cue? If you are pm me please. Also what are the specs.
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    Cue Companion for sale

    Is it still available. im interested
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    Edwin Reyes

    Justin so The real Edwin has pasded away????
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    Edwin Reyes

    Can anyone give a real opinion of Edwin Reyes cues. Just curious if these cues are good quality or are they low quality junk. They appear to be well made. Curious of these cues
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    new cues

    Can anyone give an honest assessment of Edwin Reyes Custom cues are they okay or are they junk. Has anyone any experience with this cue? Just curious they look very nice.
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    Lee Brett Vs Geno Teachers

    Well it sounds like Lee Brett will play Geno but don't know if Geno will play Lee. Lee wabts to play atvtge Derby on the ten foot. Geno will you answer would you play Lee at the derby on the ten footer. Lee wants a match to a 100 what do you think ??????