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  1. VTtuna

    Cues that have won Major Tournaments

    I miss all th I miss seeing the pros play with high end custom cues. I’d love to see Shane, Earl or Fedor playing with a southwest or a szamboti or anything other then what a “normie” can buy at Seyberts
  2. VTtuna

    Cues that have won Major Tournaments

    I am sure there are well documented winners of every major tournament but how about the cues they are playing with for those huge wins? I thought it would be cool to showcase/ talk about some awesome wins and the beautiful and or not so beautiful cues that made it across the finish line. For...
  3. VTtuna

    Wiffle ball scoring beads

    I dug that one up before and was hoping to get some other people to chime in with photos from their different but similar setups . Thanks for sharing
  4. VTtuna

    Wiffle ball scoring beads

    I am gonna try and recreate a “Derby” style wiffle ball scoring bead wire. Anyone have these in your home rooms? I’d love to see pics for inspiration
  5. VTtuna

    Oscar vs Chris Reinhold

    I heard Oscar won first set 30-22
  6. VTtuna

    Diamond table how much did you pay thread..

    $3900 used 7 footer installed by Jay at A1 billiards roughly 6 years ago. I saved my money all summer long flipping burgers and bought the table. I waited about a year for him to find the table I wanted but he said he would find it for me and he did.
  7. VTtuna

    New player, cue advice needed

    You can get a more than decent McDermott for under 200 bucks that will totally do anything you need to do at the beginnner/intermediate level . I had one like that as my first cue and it was a great stepping stone into the cue world.
  8. VTtuna

    What Do You Look For in a Pool Instructor

    I want to dissect the mental game , not reconstruct my stroke. Different instructors will be more or less favorable to this style of teaching . At this point in the game for myself, I’m currently more interested in the vast mental intricacies of the game
  9. VTtuna

    RIP Danny Basavich

    We gotta see those matches Jay . The world needs to be more DELICIOUS!!!
  10. VTtuna

    RIP Danny Basavich

    I could watch this match over and over again. In fact I do all the time! Rest In Peace Kid Delicious! The friendliest pool hustler there ever was and an absolute killer on the felt!!
  11. VTtuna

    Super Billiards Expo, Did you go?

    I went for the first time since 2012. I donated 50 bucks playing ten dollar 9 ball with Kirkwood immediately upon entering the action room. Totally worth it to see that wizardry in person, I’ve been a fan of his game for years. Cool as a cucumber too. I also set up a group lesson with Kid...
  12. VTtuna

    Bar table specialists

    Who’s first?
  13. VTtuna

    Bar table specialists

    I agree with speed control almost being more important on the 7 footers.
  14. VTtuna

    Bar table specialists

    Great response. Thank you
  15. VTtuna

    Bar table specialists

    I’ll be there 😁
  16. VTtuna

    Bar table specialists

    Are there any pro players out there that could only play on a bar table? Is it possible to be considered a pro player if you only compete on 7 footers? I see a lot of big money bar table tournaments on the streams with monster players. I definitely have my favorite bar box monsters ( Jesse...
  17. VTtuna

    APA inks deal with Diamond tables

    Yup! 🙋‍♂️
  18. VTtuna

    Are these fundamentals solid?

    Mosconi vs Jesse Bowman on the bar box, who do you like? 😂🤑
  19. VTtuna

    Hsunami vs OB Pheonix vs Josey Java

    I got the Josey Java shaft. Absolutely love it. I’ll probably buy another one down the road
  20. VTtuna

    What is the Best Cue Ball? We have the Red Measles, but let's hear your opinions.

    Just did the same. Not familiar with that website so hopefully it shows up 😂. Thanks for the insider info