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  1. bchilton

    Trying to go Pro.

    I was told years ago that there are really only 2 things that you need to be able to do in order to not only be a professional pool player, but also to be a great champion: Number one: Never, ever, under any circumstances under-cut a ball. Number two: Never, ever, under any circumstances...
  2. bchilton

    Jerry Olivier cues

    I have a collection of 12 mostly high end cues, three of which are Jerry Olivier cues. The one that I play with on a regular basis is one of Jerry's cues. Jerry has also refinished two other cues for me, one of which is a 20 year old David Barber that I had custom made. Jerry not only makes a...
  3. bchilton

    Joe Rogan V's Earl Strickland

    I think that the break and games on the wire would be a more exciting spot.
  4. bchilton

    Justis prolites

    3 x 6 Jack, I am definately interested in the 3 X 6. PM Sent
  5. bchilton

    amazing young man

    He's got the same problem that a lot of very young players have today. Someone forgot to tell them how hard this game really is.:eek:
  6. bchilton

    So which is it?

    Copy and Paste...... (Plagiarism) = "use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work." :-)
  7. bchilton

    Best Non-Gambling Player, if one's ever existed

    Tommy Kennedy has always had the reputation for being a non-gambler and he plays pretty sporty.
  8. bchilton

    The Original SCARFACE and other players from yesteryear.

    I played with Ernie on several occasions many years ago. Unfortunately, he has more of mine than I have of his...:mad: He beat me every time that we played on a 4' X 8' or 4' 1/2 X 9'; however, i did get in his pocket a couple of times playing 9 ball on bar boxes on the Westbank and across the...
  9. bchilton

    A question on pool etiquette !

    I definately know how you feel, and have had to fight to keep from over reacting in simular situations. People underestimate the importance of "psychology" when it comes to playing and winning at pool. By reacting the way that you did played right into his hands. He knew that he had gotten...
  10. bchilton

    *** Official Mosconi Cup 2009 Thread ***

    Ya think Dennis is going to have any problem picking up a few endorsements after this weeks performance? I think there is no questioin who the MVP is. Dennis is one bad @ss!
  11. bchilton

    *** Official Mosconi Cup 2009 Thread ***

    I can think of 3 or 4 players that would have made much more of an impact for the american team than Oscar. How did he make it onto the team?
  12. bchilton


    I haven't seen Johnny in at least 15 years and he was close to 70 back then. I'm surprized that he is still with us. Johnny was a brilliant straight pool player back then. I played with him more than a few times.
  13. bchilton

    pause on back stroke

    Allison Fisher has had some success with this technique.....:cool:
  14. bchilton


    I once watched him play a match in Huntsville, Allabama against Johnny Tona. Mizerak finished the match with a score of minus 1 after only one inning at the table. Johnny had over a 100 ball run. This was around 1986.
  15. bchilton

    Trophy Room

    Unfortunately, pool, being the underappreciated sport that it is, does not afford the top players the luxury of being able to afford a big home with a large area dedicated to their trophy memorabelia. Look at the top players in other sports: Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Alex Rodrigez or even...
  16. bchilton

    Fast Eddies Olhausen 9 Ball Tour Dec.5-6

    I am going to try to be there for this one. This will make my 4th Fast Eddie's tournament for the year. Will that put me in the drawing?
  17. bchilton

    speed pool

    I agree that, from our perspective, ESPN could make better use of their resources by covering more of the major tournaments. Unfortunately; from their point of view, they feel like they have already explored those avenues and have not gotten very good results for whatever reasons. Unless some...
  18. bchilton

    Wiseman's cue

    The point that no one seems to be noticing here is that this was Ronnie's first ever televised match. It doesn't matter how long you have been doing this or who you have been in the grease with and how much you were betting, the first time that you play under the television lights when you know...
  19. bchilton

    Wiseman's cue

    My point exactly. There is a referee there to make any necessary decisions if there is a foul. The opposing player has no business disrupting the rythm of another player while they are involved in a professional match.
  20. bchilton

    What's Wrong With Making Money?

    I agree with you to a certain point, but if you are going to teach a subject, you should at the very least have a firm grasp of the subject matter, ie, you should be able to execute the things that you are trying to teach. There are some good and some great instructors out there, but there are...