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  1. orangecrush

    I'm Getting Back To The Basics My Friends

    This is one of my setups. I like to be able to carry lite.
  2. orangecrush

    Free custom Titlist convesion

    When I gave away a few cues here I gave them to a young person. Maybe there is a Jr Champ that could use a upgrade. Just a thought. Kudos to you for doing this. :thumbup:
  3. orangecrush

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    That's about 50% posted on social media now a days...
  4. orangecrush

    90 Reasons To Love It - Special Announcement

    Keep up the good work. Guys you should add to the list.. Ray, Justin and Daniel...
  5. orangecrush

    Tad cue

    For a nominal fee, I might be persuaded.. :thumbup2:
  6. orangecrush

    So what gives.. Just curious..

    Why is it that when I click on the 20th, 21st or the last page on the what do you hate in cues thread it sends me to the 19th page? Do I need a special password? Hold my tongue a certain way? Talk nice to it??? OC
  7. orangecrush

    Check this app out

    It downloaded and installed fine, but the quick 20 wouldn't work. The side buttons worked. The table didn't. I couldn't move the cue ball or shoot. SGH-T989 4.1.2
  8. orangecrush

    Schon cue ID wanted

    Looks like a SL8..
  9. orangecrush

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Yea I can read Thunderbird on the picture too.. lol
  10. orangecrush

    What do you think?

    Very nice looking.. Can we see a pic of the whole cue?
  11. orangecrush

    Pool on TV Alert: ESPN2 at 11am to 2pm today 02/23/14

    Watching it now Watching it now. The sound is off track..I'm not complaining.. It's just funny.. lol
  12. orangecrush

    What's in your JB Case? - WIN A CASE.

    The List... I think this one is more complete.. Please check just to make sure.. Thanks John.. Good Luck everyone... Charlie D 3 runwav 3 poolhalljumkie 1 BryanB 1 poolnoob 2 Guycrunch 4 CMD 1 Dave M 2 Pogmothoin 1 SC02GTP 1 Derrick Steel 3 12 Squared 2 Acousticsguru 1...
  13. orangecrush

    What's in your JB Case? - WIN A CASE.

    JB Ultimate Rugged 3X6 Here is my Rugged case I recently received. Thanks John for a great case. And affordable. It holds my McDermott and Sneaky great. Just one problem. Now I have another hole to hold a cue. A pool players dilemma. lol I've lately been playing at Fast Eddie's, but could play...
  14. orangecrush

    How do I insert a photo in a PM?

    Click the IMG link and paste in your PM.. It's the easiest..
  15. orangecrush

    The Color of Money on Showtime

    At 12:45 Reyes makes a foul by hitting the OB off the table. Keith doesn't take ball in hand. Did they not play BIH after a foul back then?
  16. orangecrush

    Some Tex cues

    Wow, you must have been diggin deep.. The last post was 2008.. :eek: lol
  17. orangecrush

    Show us your McD's Please

    I got this one in 2006. Still plays great.
  18. orangecrush

    replacement cue case latch

    I have a Its George/Brunswick case and on the latch it say Atco on it. On Atco's website they do have one that looks just like it. I would contact them and see if the measurements are the same for what you need. Here is a URL to the web page. If you click on the multiple shapes picture, it shows...
  19. orangecrush

    In the case of thievery.. aka... deals gone way bad

    Put a warning so when they (scumbags) post anything or even a PM that they can't remove.Once a positive resolution, the mods remove the warning.