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    Measle ball should not be used during matches

    If there was unintentional spin on a stop shot, wouldn't you be able to tell when it doesn't stop?
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    Fargo crew for the win!!

    So why not send the screen shots to Fargo to have something done about it
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    State Open Tournaments?

    I really wish when FR finds players trying to manipulate their ratings like this that they would remove them from the FR system for a period of time. I think you'd see a lot less players doing this if they were pulled from the FR system and not allowed to enter any events that require a FR...
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    Think I need to change my break

    If you think breaking harder is the answer, why do you slow it down if no break is working on a given day? Wouldn't the answer be to break harder than your average?
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    State Open Tournaments?

    Exactly. In my area, you hear all the 625 plus players complaining about capped tournaments and that everything should be open. Two years ago, there was an open event along side a 675 and under. The open had top pros: Gorst, SVB, Alex, Gomez, Morra and more. All those players complaining about...
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    State Open Tournaments?

    It's not an open event if you're limiting it to players 700 and under. Stronger players don't want open tournaments, they want capped tournaments where they are the top players.
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    Fargo Question. Rating going up without playing.

    With a robustness of only 60, you could see a lot of movement
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    Taom Chalk WPC Championships

    I noticed more miscues when I tried the blue Taom. I haven't noticed them after switching to the V10
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    Fargo Question. Rating going up without playing.

    You aren't considered established until you have 200 games in the system. Up to that point, you can move a lot from the result of 1 match
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    2024 World Pool Championship

    Johann doesn't seem to have any problems with the tight pockets. 7 break and runs today
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    Help running Single Modified tournament brackets online

    I didn't look at the actual bracket to see if it matches APA but when setting up a tournament in Digital Pool, if you select Custom Bracket Template under Tournament Type, there is an option to select a modified single elimination template. But there may be problems with the races, you might...
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    Digital Pool no longer free!
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    BRIDGE LENGTH Effects and Considerations

    What's his agenda against you?
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    Another Farorate thread

    Still waiting for the video
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    Another Farorate thread

    Did I miss the video?
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    Fargo race charts

    Is there somewhere that has the Fargo race charts posted? Like the ones that show 0-35 difference, 36-70 difference, etc. And do they have them for the medium races or just the hot races?
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    Nobody watches pool?

    I assumed they had shot clocks, just not visible on the cameras. It looked like the players kept looking back at the camera, my guess where the shot clock was.
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    Another Farorate thread

    If you end up not making to SBE, maybe you'll find time to post the video you keep promising