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  1. jay helfert

    Brunswick Gold Crown

    I've got a good one for sale right here in Los Angeles. I believe it's a GCII. Just got it out of storage after years being put away. Rails have been wrapped up tight the whole time. Slates are clean, Frame is complete and everything looks ship shape and ready to go. Even the old cloth is still...
  2. jay helfert

    Tony Annigoni suicide

    I just heard.he jumped off the Golden Gate. Who knows more about this?
  3. jay helfert

    Looking for Monk Costanzo

    I have a couple of friends getting ready to build a new pool hall in Reno, NV and they would very much like to get hold of Monk (Warren Costanzo). They would like to hear the history of pool in Reno and there is no better person then Monk to ask. Does anyone know how to get hold of him? Thanks
  4. jay helfert

    Junior International Championship

    A big shout out to everyone to watch the live stream this Friday (March 12) through Sunday (March 14) of this event being held at Rack's Billiards in Sanford, FL. This is Stop Two of the Eight Stop "Junior International Championship" tour being produced this year by Ra Hannah of On The Wire...
  5. jay helfert

    More cool posters

    Did some more digging through my garage and found a bunch of posters that I haven't advertised before. I will list the rarest ones first. Shipping is included on all posters listed here. Paypal to I have one and only one Efren Reyes Bicycle Club poster. 20"x28". $40 SOLD...
  6. jay helfert

    New JB Case

    Brand new JB 3x6 case. Beautiful chocolate brown cloth and leather. Probably the sturdiest case made today. I have too many cases already so I'm letting this one go for $250. SOLD
  7. jay helfert

    Willie Hoppe print

    An excellent framed color print of the great Hoppe. It is 14"x16" overall, sealed in plastic. The camera I use does not do justice to the quality of the print or the vivid colors. Included with it is an 11"x14" page from a very old issue of Sports magazine that features Hoppe showing his...
  8. jay helfert

    More cool stuff

    I found these when digging through my closet. They are actual 11"x14" pages from early 1940's editions of Look magazine of Ads that featured a Pool theme. All have been sealed in plastic and mounted on a cardboard backing. They are all in good condition and would make great wall art. That's...
  9. jay helfert

    Odds and Ends

    I've dug these two cues and the jump cue butt out of my storage, and thought they might be of interest to someone on here. The cues are actually left over from my last poolroom and I kept them because they were solid, good hitting cues. The first cue is made by Imperial and appears to be an...
  10. jay helfert

    U.S. Mail delays

    I think our mail service is in trouble this holiday season, with many people off due to illness. At my local post office that normally has three windows working every day, they are down to one with long lines all day long. I would advise against sending packages by USPS for the time being. I...
  11. jay helfert

    Mosconi Cup Day One

    Very interesting first match by both teams. Europe had it at 3-0 and Kaci running out to get to the hill, when he fouled with his shirt touching the eight ball. The USA won the next five games with Chris Robinson winning the final game. A good start for Team USA. I enjoyed Phil Yates and...
  12. jay helfert

    Ed Prewitt beauty

    I'm selling my Prewitt cue that he made for me years ago. It's still in pristine condition! Doubtful I've hit a hundred balls with it lifetime. 15.2 oz. butt, 3.9 oz shaft, 12.9mm. Gaboon Ebony with an Elphoryn joint. Black bull skin wrap. You won't find a nicer cue anywhere! SOLD! $2,700 with...
  13. jay helfert

    Posters for sale

    I am cleaning out my storeroom and found quite a few great posters I would be willing to sell. Many of these I'd been keeping just in case I opened another poolroom, but that is looking less likely to happen now. This first one is really cool! The Legendary Pocket Billiard Stars made for the...
  14. jay helfert

    Pool Wars and More Pool Wars

    Just did a reprint on Pool Wars so I now have copies of both books again (with extra pages added to More Pool Wars). I am offering a special deal for someone who would like them both. I will sell the pair for $40 and that includes Priority Mail shipping. If interested in obtaining these two...
  15. jay helfert

    Travel bag for pool cues/cases

    This was custom made for me about ten years ago and I've used it only once or twice in all those years. Heavy duty and well made! It's designed to carry your cues/cases and can hold 2-4 cases, and keep them well protected. It has a good roller system with three wheels on one end and two straps...
  16. jay helfert

    Wanted - Billiard Mechanic

    A close friend of mine with previous manufacturing experience is looking for a well qualified billiard mechanic to be the chief mechanic in his new operation. He must be willing to relocate to the Phoenix area. PM me if interested.
  17. jay helfert

    My last Road Trip

    Here we go - I just bought a Class B motorhome from a guy in Esko, MN, just south of Duluth. It's a customized Ford ambulance that was too cool to pass up. I've been on the hunt for a few months now and this one was by far the coolest I've seen, and we made a deal. I have been attempting to...
  18. jay helfert

    Mickey Holiday

    I received a wonderful e-mail from this gentleman a few days ago. He described to me his career in billiards and the many tournaments and players he competed against. He grew up in the Benton Harbor and Grand Rapids area of Michigan and knew (and played against) all the players from Harold Worst...
  19. jay helfert

    My Mea Culpa

    I don't know where else to address this but here. I missed an opportunity years ago to salute one of my very important mentors. It was on the occasion of his funeral, and his name was Richie Florence. He was very well known in pool playing circles in the 60's and 70's as "Little Richie" from...
  20. jay helfert

    3rd Edition Blue Book of Pool Cues

    Cleaning out my shelves and found a well worn copy of this book. It is complete and intact but shows the wear of being used. Still a very valuable document for anyone interested in buying, selling and collecting pool cues. I will sell it for $75, including shipping. SOLD