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  1. pooldawg8

    Milk Dud Tips

    Holiday Wkd Bump
  2. pooldawg8

    Pernambuco Joey Bautista

    Rarer then hens teeth, a Joey with a wrap.
  3. pooldawg8

    Milk Dud Tips

    Mid month bump, stock built back up Thank you
  4. pooldawg8


    Beautiful set Ralf, it maybe hard for you to decide on which 1 you play with, since there all gonna be players. Joey makes some beautiful cues no dout about that.
  5. pooldawg8

    What is the pin size ? 80’s Schon

    Looks like a 5/16x14 pin to me. Hope this helps Jeff
  6. pooldawg8

    Milk Dud Tips

    Tom1234 I sent you 2 Private Messages, look at the envelope next to your user name. Click on that envelope, that should help answer your questions you have asked of me. Please reply to them Hope this helps you out. Jeff
  7. pooldawg8

    Merry Widow cue design wood selection

    After clearcoat
  8. pooldawg8

    Merry Widow cue design wood selection

    Here`s mine before clearcoat, Curly Bubinga forearm & sleeve/ BEM handle
  9. pooldawg8

    Milk Dud Tips

    Mid month bump
  10. pooldawg8

    Happy 94th Birthday NY Larry Gendler!!!

    Happy B-Day Larry and many more to come young fellow. Glad to hear your still playing sir Jeff
  11. pooldawg8

    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    I`ve tried using a dime radius yrs ago, but now a days I prefer the nickel radius. Just my personal thoughts
  12. pooldawg8

    Milk Dud Tips

    New month bump stock built up & ready to ship PM me with how many you want Thank you
  13. pooldawg8

    Show your Sneaky Petes, no matter how plain they are.

    Hey smt Did you ever finish that 6 point Honduras Rosewood sneaky you were working on? Thank you Jeff
  14. pooldawg8


    Hey Lewis You make that gun stock yourself? What caliber ?
  15. pooldawg8

    Any used nitti or olney cues for sell Not mine, but Andy is a great azer to work with. Good luck with your search Jeff
  16. pooldawg8

    Milk Dud Tips

    Stock built back up bump Shoot me a PM if interested Thank you Jeff
  17. pooldawg8


    What kinda wood buddy??
  18. pooldawg8


    Couldn`t have said it any better Jay. Joeys cues plays amazing. I got mine about 3 months back but with all the Covid stuff going on, I couldn`t get to my local VFW to hit balls with it. Well last night I did & the cue plays just as I hoped it would. Keep up the great work Joey. Maybe...
  19. pooldawg8


    Always like seeing what your working on brother. Don`t see many of your cues with a wrap, that`s like hens teeth. Keep up the great work
  20. pooldawg8

    I got $1,500 so tell me........

    Your going to get a ton of different answers, so here`s mine, for $1500, I would be looking for a Joeyincali, Scruggs or even a Merry Widow Tascarella cue. Just my thoughts PS; Put up a post in the ''wanted cue section'' looking for a $1500 used cue, then get ready for your PM box to load up...