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  1. pooldawg8

    Milk Dud Tips

    I`m selling these tips for $3.00 each plus $4.50 for shipping by US 1st class mail in the US. I made these milk duds from 14mm elkmaster tips. After being soaked & pressed for a few days each, they are still 14mm. I have 212 tips for sale at this time. I have sold a lot of these tips on here...
  2. pooldawg8

    Olney Bacote Merry Widow

    Sold , Shipped, Received
  3. pooldawg8

    Olney Merry Widow

    Sold Sold Shipped & Received
  4. pooldawg8

    Shaft conversion question

    Is it possible to convert a 5/16x14 piloted shaft over to a 3/8x10 shaft ?? I love the shaft I have but want to see if its worth all the hassle & $$ to do this. Not looking to break any rules here, so please don`t post any $$ amounts. You can always PM me this info. I`ve searched this forum for...
  5. pooldawg8

    Kenny Koo shaft

    shaft No longer FS
  6. pooldawg8

    Kenny Koo shaft

    Testing Testing
  7. pooldawg8

    John Guffey cue

    I have a pool league buddy looking for a John Guffey cue something like this; Thanks Jeff Edit; Found what I was looking for. I`m good to go now
  8. pooldawg8

    Music you listen to while playing pool

    Post up what kind of music you listen to while playing. Our team likes; Def Leppard, Poison, ZZ Top, (80`s & 90`s rock n roll) a lot more bands, but I have no idea who they are, I`m the old guy on the team, so these young bucks know the newer stuff.
  9. pooldawg8

    JB Rugged 2x5 / 3x4 case

    I`m looking for a lightly used JB Rugged case. Prefer black case, nothing fancy, just black I know I can get a new 1 for $200, but wanted to see what is out there. PM pics & price Thanks Jeff
  10. pooldawg8

    Adding Pics to existing thread ????

    I posted a FS thread last night of a bumperless butt I have FS. I used pics from my computer. I can only have 5 pics per thread listing. How can I add pics to this thread w/o bumping the thread under the 48 hr rule ?? If anyone can help me figure this out, I would really appreciate it. Please...
  11. pooldawg8

    Mezz 3/8x10 shaft

    Sold & shipped
  12. pooldawg8

    Bumperless Butt

    Bumperless Butt & I3 shaft [B][COLOR="Red"]Sold to azer; Awizzzy
  13. pooldawg8

    Varney J/B cue

  14. pooldawg8

    OB Classic shaft 3/8x10

    Shaft is sold & shipped
  15. pooldawg8

    Lets see your Paul Mottey cues

    Time to show them. Pics please Thank you
  16. pooldawg8

    JB Rugged basic 3x6 case

    Got another league buddy looking for a JB Rugged basic 3x6 case. Used would be perfect, as long as its not beat up. He wants the case all black with either black interior or blue interior. Shoot me a PM with price & pics. Thanks Jeff
  17. pooldawg8

    JB Rugged 3x4 case

    I`ve got a league buddy of mine looking for a new case. If you have 1 , please PM me your price & pics. I will then let him know this info. Pretty sure he only wants a black case, nothing fancy at all. Also only looking for cases in the US. Thanks for your help Jeff
  18. pooldawg8

    Paul Mottey Cue ???

    Does anyone know if Paul Mottey used a big pin (3/8x10 or Radial) ? Every Mottey cue that I`ve seen pics of on this forum have always been 5/16x14 pin cues. If you have 1, please show some pics of it. Love Paul`s work , just curious if he built any with big pins. Thanks for your help Jeff
  19. pooldawg8

    McDermott weight bolt needed

    Any azers out there have a 1oz weight bolt that will fit a McDermott Star cue? My son picked it out (ebay/ pawn shop) & its only 17oz w/o a weight bolt. I was hoping to get it up to 18oz for him. If anyone has 1, PM me what your looking for it. Thanks for any help you can provide. Jeff...
  20. pooldawg8

    McDermott Bumper replacement ???

    Found 1 Thanks