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  1. danieldakota53

    Mandrels or handsanding?

    What do you consider the best way to make shafts and butts fit best? I am sure many are set on mandrels due to sizes, but what do the majority think is the best and possibly the easiest way to get the truest fit? Many speak or preach about tolerances being so exact, but is it truly necessary...
  2. danieldakota53

    Where do you see cue sales this year?

    Where do you see cue sales this year? With the decline of many retail establishments, do you envision the cue maker to do well this year? Not just the cue maker , but cue related sales in general. I see rising prices on a few makers, and many deals being cut on others. It seems to me if sales...
  3. danieldakota53

    Why do you play pool?

    Just as the title says, why do you play pool? I am curious what drives certain players to continue to strive to play this game. Especially if you have been playing for many years, like to hear why you continue and what pulls you into the pool area to rack up yet another game.
  4. danieldakota53

    Question for makers

    What is the best time saving idea that you would share you have came across in all your years of making that could really help many of the new or just learning makers now a days? Please share your ideas and stories.
  5. danieldakota53

    What do players want

    In this market and economy, please tell us as players what style of cue you would want and the prices you feel are fair in this market you would be willing and able to pay. Example, I like plain cues with decorative rings,leather wraps, and would like the price to be under $500.00 - as an...
  6. danieldakota53

    To all maker's of cues-> Question

    In another thread I posted some thoughts on an issue, here is my question to all who build cues. Once you learn the basics of cue making, and I mean learn it, basic true fit,flat facing, no glue filling voids cue making, what makes one cue any different from another, maker to maker, taking out...
  7. danieldakota53

    If you could have any table for free???

    So , if you could have any table for free to have at your home, which table would you pick for your dream table and why?
  8. danieldakota53

    anyone else due for something new?

    Is it me, and just me, or are you tired of seeing 4 point traditional cues? I mean come on, it been decades, isn't it time to turn the channel on this style? I know, it's classic looking, old pitch line, if it's right, why fix it, but really, is there not any refreshing designs out there, well...
  9. danieldakota53

    Cue wraps question ???

    I was wondering if any cuemakers have used quality vinyl for their pool cue wraps instead of leather or exotic hides? What would be the upside or downside of this? If using vinyl ?