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  1. Atlatlien

    Neighborhood league?

    I have a table in my basement and I'm fairly certain there are a lot of residential pool tables in my neighborhood and surrounding area. I was thinking of getting on Nextdoor/Facebook and trying to gauge interest in starting up a neighborhood singles league, where folks would go to each others'...
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    Can anyone ID all these players?

    Somebody posted this picture on reddit. I recognize Dr. Spock, Mike Sigel, and a couple others. Does anyone know them all?
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    Diamond Light - 7' vs 9'

    Looking at Diamond lights on this site, the 7' light is listed as using 4 - 32 watt double pin bulbs (F32-T8/SP41/ECO), while the 9' uses 4 - 59 watt single pin bulbs (F096/741/ECO). Googling those codes tells me that the 7' light uses four 4' bulbs, and the 9' light uses four 8' bulbs. Is...
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    League won't let you change cues to jump? No problem!

    Saw on reddit. Cuemaker Gabriel Leigh was called for a foul after he had switched cues to shoot a jump shot. His opponent had waited until he had shot the jump to call foul and tell him he is not allowed to switch cues for the shot. He went and made this cue to ensure that situation does not...
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    New Reality Show?

    Someone posted this flyer for a tournament on /r/billiards: It appears to be one of quite a few qualifier events along the east coast to go down to Florida and compete for a spot on a reality show. Anyone ever heard of this?
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    WTB: Vitalie Cue Wall Rack - Basic Elite

    I know Peter Vitalie has been out of business for a while, but I'm hoping to find a Vitalie cue rack that matches my table. The "Basic Elite" model below (right) most closely matches my table. Ideally, I would want it in their tulipwood "Golden Mist" finish (center) to match my table's finish...
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    Smartphones and Privacy - Yes, this is pool-related

    If I could interrupt all the complaining about the state of pool, aiming systems, why people are leaving the forum, etc. for a few minutes, I'm temporarily straying from the Funny Pic/GIF thread to bring a little attention to the Action Hound smartphone app. On one hand, this app does what it...
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    Rocking Spectator Chairs - Very nice!

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    Philip Capelle book - Play Your Best 8 Ball

    I ordered this book new, then realized I already owned a copy. :speechless: As is the case with all of Capelle's books that I've read, it's hundreds of pages full of great information about pool in general, and in this case, the game of 8 Ball specifically. Price is $20 shipped to CONUS...
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    WTB Gold Crown - Pro 8' / Oversized 8 Foot

    Found my table, thanks!
  14. Atlatlien

    Moving a Table Myself

    Hello all, I'm looking for some advice on moving a pool table. I finally got the go-ahead from the old lady to get one for the basement and I'm chomping at the bit here. :thumbup2: The basement JUST has room to fit a 9' table, but an 8-footer or Pro 8 would probably be a little better being...
  15. Atlatlien

    Brunswick Table ID - Similar to Gold Crown?

    I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a nice GC at a nicer price to put in my basement. I came across these two tables that resemble a GC but the center pockets look more like a Medalist. The legs look different from any Medalist I've seen though. Does anyone know what model this is and how it...
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    imbed video
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    30-year old Diamond?

    What do you guys make of this? Stupid question, but it has gotta be a fake, right? Made me cringe a little.
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    Earl Strickland trickshots at Hartwall Open, Players Billiard Bar Jyväskylä, Finland

    Hadn't ever seen this before, don't know how old it is. Hope no repost. I like Earl, it would have been cool to be there in person for this!
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    Starting up a weekly local bar tournament...hopefully

    I used to play every week in a $10 Tuesday bar tournament. Then I moved across town and it's not so easy to get over there on a work night. Plus, the player pool has dropped over there to the point where even if you win, you only walk out with like $50, so it's just not worth the drive unless...